Grants directory

The Northern Territory Government provides a wide range of grants, scholarships and other forms of support for businesses, community organisations and individuals.

You should use local goods and services wherever possible if you are awarded a grant. There are specific requirements to buy local if you are receiving a Capital Grant.

To find out more, go to Capital Grants.

  • Aboriginal Workforce Grants Indigenous,Business

    To help increase the number of Aboriginal people getting into and staying in jobs. Applications are invited in Territory-wide competitive grant rounds.

  • Animal Welfare Animal Welfare

    For organisations to undertake animal welfare projects that improve animal well-being, raise community awareness of responsibilities in regard to animal welfare and help progress good animal management practice.

  • Arts Development Community,Arts

    Supports projects across all art forms for the research, development or creation of new work or community cultural development projects.

  • Attachments, internships and mentorships Education and Training,Individual,Arts

    Provides support to Northern Territory screen practitioners to gain professional experience.

  • Back to school payment scheme Education and Training,Individual

    Provides financial assistance to offset the cost of purchasing educational items such as school uniforms, textbooks, excursions and ID cards.

  • Bernie Kilgariff Memorial Scholarship Education and Training,Scholarships,Individual

    A one-off scholarship for an Alice Springs Year 12 school leaver commencing their first degree in a medical/health related field.

  • Business Innovation Support Initiatives Business

    To initiate and promote innovation by assisting businesses to commence research and development projects in the areas of science, engineering, technology and design.

  • Capital Grants Business,Community

    You should use local goods and services if you are awarded a grant. There are specific requirements to buy local if you are receiving a Capital Grant.

  • Charles See Kee Multicultural,Education and Training

    To assist students who have resettled in Australia as a humanitarian or refugee entrant to undertake study which furthers employment and leadership outcomes.

  • Community based child care Business

    To strengthen parent managed community based child care services as independent viable businesses. This program is only applicable to the 23 specific Community Based Childcare Centres located in the Northern Territory.

  • Community Benefit Fund - Major Grants Community,Equipment and Infrastructure,Events

    Major Grants - funding for organisations to support community development and improvement purposes.

  • Community Benefit Fund - Small Grants Community,Equipment and Infrastructure,Events

    Small Grants - for organisations to help provide services that benefit the community and improve the well-being and lifestyle of Territorians.

  • Community Benefit Fund - Vehicles Community

    Vehicle gift and long term loans - available to Territory based not-for-profit organisations.

  • Community Festivals Community,Events,Arts

    Support established and emerging regional and remote community festivals to develop and present artistic programs and cultural maintenance initiatives in community arts celebrations.

  • Community Sponsorship Program Community,Events,Sponsorships

    For community groups, projects, events and programs.

  • Computers for the community Community

    To assist community organisations and to support publicly spirited activities in the NT by donating surplus, working computer equipment.

  • Container Deposit Scheme Infrastructure Grants Environment,Community

    Funding for businesses and organisations to purchase equipment or infrastructure for establishing CDS Collection Depots or Collection Points.

  • Disability Scholarships Program Health,Scholarships,Individuals

    To build the capacity of the disability services sector in the Northern Territory. For a course that is relevant to the strategic workforce directions of the disability services.

  • Earth Sciences/Mining/Petroleum Scholarship Education and Training,Scholarships,Individuals

    Three year Scholarship for a young Territorians to undertake university study in the earth sciences/geology or other mining/petroleum related disciplines.

  • Emerging Artists Arts,Individuals

    Supports emerging artists to access funding for arts development, presentation and promotion or skills based projects.

  • Environment Grants - Individual Environment,Individuals

    Individual - projects that engage the community and provide benefits to the environment through direct action.

  • Environment Grants - Schools Environment,Education and Training

    Schools - action based educational projects promoting ecological sustainability and to build awareness of the cumulative impacts of behaviour and lifestyle choices.

  • Equity Training Grants Business

    Equity training grans improve training and employment outcomes for disadvantaged people in the Northern Territory.

  • Event Marketing Sponsorship Program Events,Tourism,Business,Sponsorships

    Assists in the marketing of events which support Tourism NT's strategic objectives.

  • Facilities and capital equipment Community,Equipment and Infrastructure,Sport

    To improve the capacity of sport and recreation organisations to provide appropriate, affordable and accessible sport and recreation opportunities for all Territorians.

  • Funding for economic development in remote communities Indigenous,Business

    If you are a community group or an individual in a remote community, you can apply for remote Aboriginal economic development funding to develop economic opportunities, and support and maintain connections to land and culture

  • Funding to upskill or reskill employees Business

    If you are an employer in the Northern Territory (NT) you can apply for funding to upskill or reskill your employees as part of the Industry Buildskills Program.

  • Grass Roots Development Sport

    For organisations to provide opportunities to participate in sport and active recreation; and strengthen the capability of sport and active recreation organisations to deliver programs.

  • Harmony Grants Community,Events,Multicultural

    For organisations to promote multiculturalism in the Northern Territory, including the Darwin Waterfront Harmony Soiree.

  • Heritage Grants History and Heritage

    To encourage appropriate conservation work to privately-owned heritage places.

  • Higher Education Scholarships Education and Training,Scholarships,Individuals

    Scholarships to assist Northern Territory Year 12 school leavers to attain their first degree.

  • History Grants History and Heritage

    To encourage and support original research about Northern Territory history, and broaden the resources available in this field, for the community to access and engage with.

  • Indigenous Business Development Program Business

    To assist Indigenous people and joint ventures (where Indigenous people hold significant equity) to enter or expand commercial business arrangements that will create employment and /or wealth creation opportunities.

  • Indigenous Responsive Program Business

    The Indigenous Responsive Program funds training for workers for projects in regional and remote communities.

  • Industry and Audience Development Arts,Business

    Provides support to Northern Territory based organisations that create professional development and skills training opportunities for Northern Territory screen practitioners at various stages of their careers, or opportunities for Northern Territory audiences to see and experience quality screen content and innovative practice.

  • Industry Development Grants Business

    Supporting the development of agriculture, horticulture and fisheries industries in the Northern Territory. Negotiated directly with peak industry bodies.

  • Industry Development Support Program Business,Community

    To support the operational and program needs of incorporated not-for-profit peak industry and business organisations.

  • International Women's Day Grants - Office of Women's Policy Community,Events,Women

    For organisations to support local events and activities to mark International Women’s Day.

  • Learn to Swim Vouchers Education and Training,Sport,Individuals

    For young children aged up to five years.

  • Long Day Care Toy and Equipment Grant Education and Training,Equipment and Infrastructure

    Provides funding to childcare organisations for the purchase of developmentally appropriate toys and equipment.

  • Mango export treatment service seed capital grant Business

    Proposals are being sought for the development of an export treatment service in the Northern Territory.

  • Men's leadership Grants Community,Domestic Violence,Individuals

    For individuals and organisations that engage men in strategies to reduce domestic and family violence

  • Minister for Women's Policy Scholarships Education and Training,Women,Indigenous,Scholarships

    Support women in research and study.

  • Ministerial Nurse Practitioner Scholarships Health,Individuals,Scholarships

    To increase the opportunity for nurses to advance their careers

  • Multicultural Community Facilities Grant Community,Equipment and Infrastructure,Multicultural

    To assist migrant and multicultural communities with the renovations and upgrades of existing multicultural groups premises.

  • Multicultural Grant Program Community,Events,Multicultural

    To assist migrant and multicultural communities with social inclusion, social cohesion and / or cultural and linguistic diversity.

  • Multicultural Grant Program - Quick Response Multicultural,Community

    Quick response grants

  • National Skills Week Business,Events

    Funding to support training activities run by organisations to celebrate National Skills Week.

  • National Youth Week Community,Events,Youth

    For individuals, groups, clubs, schools, organisations and businesses to provide youth engagement activities held during National Youth Week.

  • Northern Territory Natural Disaster Emergency Volunteer Fund Community Resiliance

    For organisations with a recognised disaster/emergency management role for the attraction, retention, training and resourcing capacity initiatives that improve response to natural disasters.

  • Northern Territory Natural Disaster Resilience Fund Community Resiliance

    For organisations to undertake natural disaster resilience works, measures and related activities that will contribute to safer, sustainable and resilient communities.

  • Northern Territory Risk Priority Projects Fund Community Resiliance

    For organisations which a recognised disaster/emergency management role for projects that address key natural disaster risk knowledge gaps, trial or enhance programs delivering natural disaster resilience or enhance emergency management capability.

  • NT Conveyance Subsidy Scheme Education and Training,Individuals

    Provides assistance with the cost of daily travel for students who are disadvantaged by the distance of daily travel.

  • NT Correspondence Materials Delivery Assistance Scheme Education and Training,Individuals

    Provides assistance with the delivery of materials required for correspondence schooling.

  • NT Correspondence Site Allowance Education and Training

    Provides financial assistance towards the cost associated with educating a student through a School of the Air or other approved distance learning arrangement.

  • NT Correspondence Site Allowance - Preschool Education and Training

    Assists four year old children who are enrolled in preschool with the Alice Springs and Katherine Schools of the Air.

  • NT Disadvantaged Groups Employer Incentive Scheme Business

    Financial incentives for employers who employ apprentices and trainees from disadvantaged groups.

  • NT Education Allowances for students with disabilities - travel and boarding schemes Education and Training

    Provides financial assistance with the cost of boarding and travel.

  • NT Employer Incentive scheme Business

    Financial incentives for private sector businesses who employ apprentices or trainees in areas with identified occupational shortages.

  • NT Isolated Students Education Allowance Education and Training

    to increase access to students in boarding accommodation who need specific assistance in homework supervision and recreational and social development.

  • NT Long Day Care Upgrade Grant Education and Training,Equipment and Infrastructure

    Provides financial assistance to childcare operations for building and ground upgrades required to maintain compliance.

  • NT Mid-Term Travel Scheme Education and Training

    Provides travel assistance to custodial parents or guardians of isolated children who board away from home.

  • NT Remote Area Travel Allowance Scheme Education and Training

    Provides travel assistance for isolated students who are not eligible for receipt of other forms of travel assistance.

  • NT Schools of the Air Student Functions Allowance Education and Training

    Provides financial assistance to students to attend up to two approved schools of the air functions.

  • NT Student Travel Scheme Education and Training

    Provides travel assistance for isolated students.

  • NT Supplementary Boarding Allowance Scheme Education and Training

    Provides financial assistance towards boarding costs for isolated children boarding away from home in Northern Territory.

  • NT Tertiary Fares Reimbursement Scheme - Interstate Education and Training

    Provides fares assistance for students to undertake full-time tertiary studies interstate in a field of study not available in the Territory.

  • NT Tertiary Fares Reimbursement Scheme - within the NT students enrolled at NT tertiary institutions Education and Training

    Provides fares assistance for students to undertake full-time tertiary studies at an institution in the Territory.

  • NTIS Athlete Scholarships Sport,Individuals,Scholarships

    To help offset costs involved with scholarship, training and competition commitments.

  • NTIS Coach Scholarships Sport,Scholarships

    To help offset costs involved in learning and development commitments.

  • Nursing & Midwifery Studies Assistance Grants Scheme Health,Education and Training

    To assist the educational preparation of a nursing and midwifery workforce.

  • Office of Women's Policy General Grants Program Women,Community

    To assist women participate in a broad range of activities that include promoting gender equality and celebrating their diversity and achievements.

  • Presentation and promotion Arts

    Supports projects which present, exhibit, distribute or promote NT arts practice.

  • Production finance Arts,Business

    Provides a contribution to production financing for Northern Territory screen projects that can demonstrate benefits to the Northern Territory screen industry and have significant finance in place. These projects should have the potential to showcase the Territory and Territory stories to audiences in Australia and around the world.

  • Project development Arts,Business

    Provides support to Northern Territory screen practitioners to develop feature films, drama series, telemovies, documentaries, animation and digital media projects that are capable of attracting further investment and reaching their target audience.

  • Quick Response Program Community,Sport

    For unforeseeable bone fide expenses, opportunities which need immediate funding or activities which do not fit in other DSRR funding programs.

  • Regional Arts Fund Quick Response Grants Community,Arts

    Assists regional artists, arts organisations and communities to take up professional or skills development, or small project opportunities, which would otherwise be unavailable to applicants or limited by the constraints of other funding programs.

  • Regional Economic Development Fund Business,Tourism

    To stimulates and support regional economic development.

  • Regional Museums Community,Business,History and Heritage,Arts

    To assist local museums or other organisations committed to the preservation of cultural heritage to develop programs, design and construct displays, manage their collections, acquire relevant skills and enhance the presentation and preservation of local heritage.

  • Road Infrastructure Grants Business,Community,Indigenous

    Creates opportunities for economic growth in regional locations by funding regional councils and local NT-based community and Indigenous organisations to undertake small to large size infrastructure projects (and feasibility studies).

  • Road Safety Community Grants Program Community

    For community to help improve or promote road safety.

  • Screen Practioners Travel Business,Arts

    Provides assistance with the costs of travel to attend relevant markets, conferences, festivals, awards and skills development opportunities.

  • Seniors Month Community,Events,Seniors

    For organisations to encourage older people to have a healthy lifestyle, become involved in a new activity, connect to the community or to create opportunities for continued involvement in activities.

  • Skills Development Arts

    Supports art initiatives that foster skills, knowledge and experience of participants and build community capacity.

  • Smarter Business Solutions Environment,Business

    The Smarter Business Solutions program offers free advice and grants to Northern Territory (NT) business owners, Indigenous enterprises and not-for-profit organisations to help reduce your day-to-day energy, water and material costs.

  • Sport Voucher Scheme Sport

    The Sport Voucher Scheme assists with the cost of children getting involved in sport, recreation and cultural activities.

  • Territory Business Growth Program Business

    To assist existing small to medium businesses grow and become more viable.

  • Tourism Infrastructure Development Fund Business,Indigenous,Tourism

    Small scale grants to support new or established tourism businesses and larger grants which provide legacy benefits for a business or region.

  • Trade Support Scheme Business

    To support the offshore marketing activities of Northern Territory businesses.

  • Training for the Future - Employer Support Scheme Business

    If you are a Northern Territory (NT) business that employs apprentices or trainees you can apply for grants under the training for the future employer support scheme.

  • Wild Life Grants Animal Welfare

    For organisations to collect, care and release sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

  • WorkWear/Workgear Bonus Scheme Education and Training,Individuals

    For apprentices and trainees. This incentive is administered by the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network NT

  • Youth Affairs - Quick Response - Individual Youth,Individuals

    Individual - to assist young Territorians to access a variety of youth initiated events and personal development programs.

  • Youth Affairs - Quick Response Group Community,Youth,Events

    Group - to assist young Territorians to access a variety of youth initiated events and personal development programs.

  • Youth Vibe Community,Events,Youth

    For organisations to provide youth engagement activities during the major school holidays.

    Last updated: 13 February 2017