Multicultural grants

Harmony Grants program

If you're a Northern Territory (NT) organisation, you can apply for up to $1,000 for projects, events and activities that promote cultural diversity or harmony.

This includes funding to take part in:

  • Darwin Waterfront Harmony Soiree
  • Big Day Out in Harmony at Alice Springs.

Applications open on 1 October and close 31 October each year.

Find out more about multicultural events in the NT.

You can apply if you're:

  • an incorporated multicultural community group
  • a school
  • a private not-for-profit group
  • a local government council.

If you're not incorporated, you can apply if you provide:

  • an agreement with an incorporated organisation to administer the harmony grant
  • a letter from that organisation agreeing to administer the funds
  • a copy of the organisation's certificate of incorporation.

You can't apply if you're:

  • an individual
  • a private for-profit group
  • an organisation based outside of the NT.

Organisations that have not met previous acquittal requirements under the Harmony Grants program can't apply for funding.

You can apply for funding for projects, events and activities that promote cultural diversity or harmony such as:

  • school projects that celebrate student diversity
  • food and cultural events
  • traditional dancing performances
  • open days at community centres
  • multicultural storytelling and displays.

You can't apply for funding for:

  • prizes
  • goods already purchased
  • commercial or business ventures
  • overseas travel
  • most equipment for example, computers.

To apply for a grant, follow these steps:

Step 1. Read the Harmony Grants guidelines.

Harmony Grants guidelines PDF (613.1 KB)
Harmony Grants guidelines DOCX (652.0 KB)

Step 2. Apply online through GrantsNT.

Late applications will not be accepted.

When your application has been received, you will get an email.

Your application will be assessed on how well your project shares and celebrates the NT's cultural diversity.

It will also be assessed:

  • on the benefits to the community
  • against other suitable applications.

Your application will be evaluated by an assessment panel. The panel will make recommendations to the minister for consideration and a decision.

You will receive a letter to tell you if your application has been successful.

All decisions are final. There is no appeal process.

If your application is successful, you must sign a funding agreement that outlines the purpose of the grant and the conditions you must follow.

Your funding agreement will be sent to you.

Funds will not be provided until after the Office of Multicultural Affairs has received:

  • your signed funding agreement
  • a tax invoice.

Any outstanding acquittals must be submitted before the grant can be paid.

Public information about the grant

The government will release the details of the project and funding to the public.

Read the privacy statement.

Promoting the NT Government during your event

You must prominently promote that the NT Government has funded your event. This includes all media releases or promotional material.

You must contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs to receive a 'proudly sponsored by' logo to use in your promotional material.

The logo may only be reproduced in the format provided and must be presented on all materials associated with the funded activity in equal size and prominence to your organisation's logo.

Managing your funds and budget

The Office of Multicultural Affairs will not be held responsible if you underestimate the cost of activities related to the project and you lose money.

You can only spend your funds based on the requirements in the funding agreement.

If a grant has not been used for the approved purpose, or the conditions of funding have not been met, your organisation must repay the funds.

If you want to change the purpose of your grant

If you want to change what you are spending the grant on, you must write to the Office of Multicultural Affairs to ask for permission.

Your letter must provide reasons for the change and a budget for the amended purpose.

Funds can only be used for a new purpose after the Office of Multicultural Affairs has sent you written approval for your request.

Duty of care and insurance

You may need to have public liability insurance with a recognised insurance provider that covers the activity of the grant.

You must send a copy of your public liability insurance policy within 14 days if the government asks you to do so.

When your event has finished

When your event has finished, you must fill in an acquittal of grant funds form.

Acquittal of grant funds DOCX (168.4 KB)
Acquittal of grant funds PDF (78.4 KB)

You must submit it to the Office of Multicultural Affairs within 8 weeks of your event or project finishing. All previous grants must be acquitted before new grants can be paid.

Your acquittal must include:

  • an income and expenditure statement for the project
  • a written report detailing the results of the project or activity, including:
    • the extent to which the project's objectives were achieved
    • any issues that affected the project.
Unspent funds

If you have funds left over after your event, you must do one of the following:

  • return leftover funds to the Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • apply to change the purpose of your grant so you can spend it on something else
  • apply to change the funding period of your grant so you can spend it on the same project at a later date.


For more information or help, contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs by emailing

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Last updated: 30 September 2022

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