Driving and transport

Driver licences

Getting your car or motorbike licence, learning to drive, renew or change licence, transfer interstate licence, evidence of age.

Driving offences and penalties

Alcohol ignition lock, drink driving, demerit points, hooning and motorcycle offences.

Heavy vehicles

Getting your licence, licence upgrades, registration and oversize vehicles.

Public transport and cycling

Bus timetables, school buses, cycling, walking, ferries and getting around with a disability.

Registration and number plates

Vehicle registration and inspections and lost or damaged number plates.

Road safety, rules and conditions

Check road conditions, report a road fault, road rules, speed limits and child restraints.

Roads and traffic management

Permit to work on roads, speed cameras, technical references, find who manages the road.

Transport fees

Fees for your driver licence, registration, heavy vehicle, taxi, commercial passenger vehicle and boat.

Transport industry

Taxis, commercial passenger vehicles, become a driving instructor or bus safety transit officer.