Public transport and cycling

How to get around by bus, bike or ferry.

  • Safety
    Information on how to report an incident on a bus, the role of a transit officer and CCTV systems on buses and at interchanges.
  • Contacts
    Contact details for public bus and school bus services.
  • Lost property
    Information on how to report lost property and where to collect found property.
  • Interchanges
    Address and contact details for public bus interchanges.
  • Catching a bus in a rural area
    Catching public or school buses in a rural area including advice on choosing a suitable location for an informal bus stop.
  • Transit officers
    What transit officers do, role and responsibilities, how they operate within the NT public bus system, feedback and complaints.
  • Cycling and walking
    Information about cycling in Darwin, Palmerston, Katherine and Tennant Creek including cycle path maps, bicycle enclosures and reporting a cycle path fault.
  • Report a cycle path fault
    Online form to report potholes, debris or other faults on a bike path.
  • Ferries
    Passenger ferry services in Darwin, including where to find timetables and information on the code of conduct for school students on a ferry.