Bus alerts and route changes

This page has the latest information on unexpected or temporary changes to bus routes and timetables.

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Route 74 timetable

Changes start Monday 14 May

From Monday 14 May the below route has changed. Please note the following updated times:

  • 6.45am service will now start at 6.43am and finish at 7.12am
  • 7.22am service will now start at 7.17am and finish at 7.46am
  • 2.30pm service will now finish at 2.55pm instead of 2.53pm
  • 5:01pm service will now start at 5:04pm and finish at 5:29pm

Get more details on the changed services, the updated timetable and map.

School bus network changes

Route 235

Changes start Monday 14 May

The following changes will apply to Route 235 starting 14 May:

  • the morning service will depart 5 minutes earlier and extend to the newly installed bus stop 1516 near Mother Teresa Catholic School
  • the afternoon service will finish at bus stop 835 on Zuccoli Parade instead of Palmerston Interchange
  • students who currently catch 235 to Palmerston Interchange should switch to route 244 from Bakewell Primary School or 250 from Palmerston College.

For more information get the Darwin school bus timetables and maps.

Last updated: 11 May 2018