Back to school payment scheme

This page has information on the Back to School Payment scheme, who can apply and how to claim the allowance.

The payment provides financial assistance to parents and guardians of children enrolled in a Northern Territory (NT) school or registered for home-schooling.

The payment provides students with an entitlement to receive educational items in Term 1 of each school year.

What you get

You are entitled to receive $150 of educational goods and services for each child enrolled in a government or non government Territory school or preschool. 

If your child is in transition to Year 12 you will receive the payment in Term 1 each year and the entitlement must be used in Term 1.

If your child is in preschool the entitlement is available throughout the year, but is only valid to the end of the first term in which they first enrol.

Using the entitlement

You can use the assistance for help with any the following items:

  • school uniform, including hats, book bags
  • textbooks
  • stationery, including calculators, flash drives, school diaries
  • school excursions
  • student ID cards
  • student photography
  • school camps
  • elective activities.

What is not covered

The entitlement can not be used for any of the following:

  • voluntary parent contributions, including donations to the school
  • canteen purchases
  • cash, including refunds for purchased goods or services
  • transferred between students
  • transferred to another school
  • returned to parents after Term one if they authorised the funds to be used for activities/items to be purchased in Terms 2-4
  • used to purchase good and services from suppliers other than the school.

Claiming the entitlement

You can claim your entitlement from the school your child first attends in Term 1.

Items are available to purchase from the school only.

You do not have to produce any documentation in order to use the entitlement.

Conditions of use

The following conditions apply:

  • refunds on goods or services are not available
  • schools and school councils can make suggestions regarding items available for purchase from the school
  • the goods and services must provide value-for-money and parents/students should be able to take possession of goods or access services
  • parents make the final decision as to how they wish to use the payment within those guidelines
  • the entitlement is not transferable to another school.


Talk to your child's school for more information about the Back to School Payment.

Last updated: 04 February 2019


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