You may be able to get financial help if your child has to travel considerable distances to go to school each day, lives away from home to attend school, college or university or accesses distance education.

This section explains the different assistance schemes:

  • who can apply
  • the details of the schemes
  • the eligibility criteria
  • how to apply
  • how to make a claim.

Go to the individual scheme pages for information, application and claim details.

Help with daily transport to and from school

The conveyance subsidy scheme is available for help with daily transport for your child to and from school.

Help with distance education

The following schemes are available if your child attends a school of the air, the Northern Territory Open Education Centre (NTOEC) or other distance education:

Help with boarding 

The following schemes are available if your child has to go away from home to attend school:

Help going to university or higher education

The tertiary fares reimbursement scheme is available if your child attends university or higher education away from home in the NT or interstate.

Help from the Australian Government

In order to qualify for some NT student assistance schemes, you must first be approved for assistance under the Australian Government Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) or ABSTUDY Schemes.

Read more about Australian Government assistance schemes.

How to apply and claim

Applications must be submitted to the Department of Education by 30 September of each year.

Claims can be made once your application has been approved by the Department of Education.

Claims must be made by 31 March of the following year eg for the 2015 application year claims must be made by 31 March 2016. 

Late applications or claims will not be accepted.

Go to the individual schemes pages for application and claim details.


You can find out more by contacting the Department of Education student assistance officer.

Student Assistance Officer
Financial Services Division
Department of Education
GPO Box 4821
Darwin NT 0801
Phone: 1800 019 157 or (08) 8901 4965
Fax: (08) 8901 4976

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Last updated: 28 November 2017

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