GrantsNT is a secure online grant management system for Northern Territory (NT) Government grants.

All NT Government grants will move to GrantsNT over time.

You can use GrantsNT to do the following:

  • search for grants
  • apply for funding
  • receive payment
  • acquit grants
  • report on performance
  • subscribe to get notified of new funding opportunities
  • receive automated notifications and calendars of reporting milestones.

The transition from current systems to GrantsNT will not affect your ability to apply for and receive grant funding.

To apply for or manage a grant on GrantsNT you will need to register a login and personal profile.

You can set up your profile at any time.

Personal profiles can then be linked to organisations if needed.

You can apply for grants under your personal or organisation profiles.

Organisation profiles

Some grants are restricted to organisations only.

Each organisation will need a representative to set up its profile.

You can then link your personal profile to this organisation, or invite others to link theirs.

Organisation profiles have the following features:

  • an interface with the Australian Business Register to pre-populate organisation details
  • different user roles
  • unlimited system admin roles to control user access and invite new users
  • the ability to upload and store general documents in the organisation profile
  • pre-populated fields when applying for grants.

If you are unsure about where to find information about a grant, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Search GrantsNT to see what grants are open and available on this system.
  2. Review the list of NT Government grants on the grants directory.
  3. Contact the agency or unit that manages the grant.

For help with a particular grant you should refer to the contact details listed on the grant's guidelines.

For more information, go to the help section of the GrantsNT website.

Last updated: 01 November 2018

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