A-Z list of weeds in the NT

This page has information to help you identify different weeds in the Northern Territory (NT).

It also describes the impacts of weeds and control methods you can use.

Some weeds are declared. It is illegal to grow, sell, transport or use a declared species in the NT. There are other legal requirements depending on the declaration class. Find out how to comply with the law.

Declared weeds are grouped into the following classes:

  • class A - eradicate
  • class B - control
  • class C - prevent entry.

All class A and class B weeds are also class C weeds.

If a weed is declared, all land holders, land managers and land users must comply with the declaration classification.

Get the current list of declared weeds in the NT PDF (597.8 KB).

Common Name Scientific Name Declared NTWoNS Plant Type
Alligator weed Alternanthera philoxeroides A Yes Aquatic
Amazon frogbitLimnobium laevigatum C   Aquatic
Athel pine Tamarix aphylla A/B Yes Tree
Bathurst burr Xanthium spinosum B   Herb
Bellyache bush Jatropha gossypiifolia A/B (zoned) Yes Shrub
Brazilian pepper Schinus terebinthifolius A/B (zoned)   Tree
Buffel grassCenchrus ciliaris Not declared   Grass
Cabomba Cabomba caroliniana A Yes Aquatic
Candle bush Senna alata B   Shrub
Castor oil plant Ricinus communis B   Shrub
Cats claw creeper Dolichandra unguis-cati A Yes Vine
Chinee apple Ziziphus mauritiana A   Tree
Devils claw Martynia annua A   Herb
Fountain grass Cenchrus setaceus B   Grass
Gamba grassAndropogon gayanus A/B (zoned) Yes Grass
Grader grass Themeda quadrivalvis B   Grass
Grewia Grewia asiatica Not declared   Shrub
Knobweed Hyptis capitata B   Herb
Hyptis Hyptis suaveolens B   Herb
Khaki weed Alternanthera pungens B   Herb
Lantana Lantana camara B Yes Shrub
Lantana, creeping Lantana montevidensis B   Shrub
Limnocharis Limnocharis flava C   Aquatic
Mesquite Prosopis spp. A Yes Tree
Mexican feather grass Nasella tenuissima A   Grass
Mexican poppy Argemone ochroleuca B   Herb
Mimosa Mimosa pigra A/B (zoned) Yes Shrub
Common sensitive plant Mimosa pudica B   Shrub
Mission grass, annual Cenchrus pedicellatus Not declared   Grass
Mission grass, perennial Cenchrus polystachios B   Grass
Mossman River grass Cenchrus echinatus B   Grass
Neem Azadirachta indica B   Tree
Noogoora burr Xanthium strumarium B   Herb
Olive hymenachne Hymenachne amplexicaulis B Yes Grass
Parkinsonia Parkinsonia aculeata B Yes Tree
Parthenium weedParthenium hysterophorus A Yes Herb
Physic nut Jatropha curcas A   Shrub
Pistia Pistia stratiotes B   Aquatic
Pond apple Annona glabra A Yes Tree
Prickly acacia Vachellia nilotica A Yes Tree
Prickly pear Opuntia spp. A Yes Shrub
Rope cactusAustrocylindropuntia spp., Cylindropuntia spp. A Yes Shrub
Rubber bush Calotropis procera B (zoned)   Shrub
Rubber vine Cryptostegia grandiflora A Yes Vine
Rubber vine, ornamental Cryptostegia madagascariensis A   Vine
Saffron thistle Carthamus lanatus B   Herb
Sagittaria Sagittaria platyphylla A Yes Aquatic
Salvinia Salvinia molesta B Yes Aquatic
Siam weedChromolaena odorataCYesShrub
Sida Sida acuta, Sida cordifolia, Sida rhombifolia B   Shrub
SnakeweedStachytarpheta spp. B   Shrub
Spiny emex Emex australis B   Herb
Star burr Acanthospermum hispidum B   Herb
Thatch grass Hyparrhenia rufa A   Grass
Thornapples Datura spp. (other than D. ferox) Not declared   Herb
Thornapple, longspine Datura ferox A   Herb
Water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes A Yes Aquatic
Water mimosa Neptunia oleroides, Neptunia  plena A    Aquatic

Further information

For more information, go to the Australian Government's Department of Environment and Energy website.

To access technical publications on weed management, go to the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security website.


To find out more about how to identify and control weeds, contact the Weed Management Branch.

Last updated: 09 June 2021

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