Transport fees

Fees for vehicle licences and registration in the Northern Territory.


Test and examination

Theory test $20
DriveSafe NT driver education enrolment $110

Find out how to get your driver licence.

Learner, provisional and restricted licence

Licence type Validity periodFee
Learner licence 2 years $24 
Provisional licence (under 25 years of age) 2 years $50
Provisional licence (25 years of age or over) 1 year $33
Restricted rider (where another class of licence is held)1 year$7

Find out how to get your driver licence or get your motorcycle licence.

Open licence (new or renewal)

Validity periodFee
1 year $33
2 years $50         
5 years $101         
10 years $174

Find out how to renew your driver licence.

Licence replacement or amendment

Lost, stolen, misplaced or defaced $22
Change of address, change of name, change of physical appearance - if your previous licence is surrendered NIL
Amendment to licence to upgrade licence classifications $7
Amendment to licence to add driving instructor endorsement $7

Find out how to replace your driver licence if lost, stolen or damaged or change your name or contact details on your driver licence.

Evidence of age

Evidence of age card $28

Find out how to apply for an evidence of age card.

Taxi and commercial passenger vehicle

Find out about taxi and commercial passenger vehicle fees.

Alcohol ignition lock and subsidies

The application fee for an alcohol ignition lock licence is $59.

You must pay the cost to install, lease, service and remove a lock. Costs may vary depending on your supplier.

For more information including supplier contact details, read how to get an alcohol ignition lock installed.

Low income and remote assistance subsidies

Low income earners and people living in remote areas can get help with alcohol ignition lock costs. The subsidies are listed in the table below.

Low income earners can apply for subsidies toward lock installation, lease, service and removal costs.

If you live more than 150km from an urban centre - Alice Springs, Darwin, Katherine, Nhulunbuy or Tennant Creek - you can get help to cover the cost of unscheduled services.

You can claim this remote assistance subsidy for up to three unscheduled services each year.

DescriptionSubsidy fee
Remote assistance $50
Installation $50
Monthly rental $50 per month
Scheduled service (included in monthly rental) Included in monthly rental
Unscheduled service NIL
Removal $50

The below fees and charges are subject to regulatory changes.

Registration fees include Motor Accidents Compensation (MAC) insurance cover, a compulsory third party insurance.

You can renew your registration online for one, three, six or 12 months through the MVR Quickpay website.

On this page:

Number plate

Personalised plate application $256
Number plate fee (when plates are first issued or when replacement plates are needed)$41
National heavy vehicle (NHV) number plate (only applies on application for NHV plates)$26.10
Remake of plate (lost, destroyed, damaged) $70
Transfer of right to display $22
Single plate change* $22
Double plate change $44
Souvenir plate $7.70

*Number plate or NHV fee may also apply.

Find out how to apply for a personalised number plate or buy a souvenir number plate.

Trader's plate

The fees below are for cars only.

Description - cars onlyFee
Initial plate$686.75
Second (subsequent) plate $589.75

Find out how to apply for a trader's plate.

For motorcycle trader's plate fees, contact the Motor Vehicle Registry office.

Replacement registration certificate

Replacement registration certificate - eg lost, destroyed $14

A replacement certificate can only be issued for vehicles with current registration.

Transfer of ownership

Transfer of ownership $18
Stamp duty 3% of purchase price

Find out about buying and selling a used vehicle.

Temporary licence

Vehicle typeFee
Vehicles under 4.5 tonnes $49.15
Vehicles over 4.5 tonnes $35.15
(plus one week's vehicle registration)

Find out how to apply for a temporary licence for unregistered vehicle.

Light vehicle registration

Vehicles with four cylinders and an engine size less than 3000cc.

Engine size (cc)12 months6 months3 months1 month
0001 - 0500 $632.75$322.85$167.95$64.60
0501 - 1000 $677.75$345.35$179.20$68.35
1001 - 1500 $733.75$373.35$193.20$73.05
1501 - 2000 $781.75$397.35$205.20$77.05
2001 - 3000 $781.75$397.35$205.20$77.05

Vehicles with more than four cylinders and rotary engine vehicles with up to four cylinders with engines greater than 3000cc.

Engine size (cc)12 months6 months3 months1 month
2001 - 2500 $792.75$402.85$207.95$77.95
2501 - 3000 $833.75$423.35$218.20$81.35
3001 - 3500 $891.75$452.35$232.70$86.20
3501 - 4000 $935.75$474.35$243.70$89.85
4001 - 4500 $989.75$501.35$257.20$94.35
4501 - 5000 $1,034.75$523.85$268.45$98.10
5001 - 5500 $1,119.75$566.35$289.70$105.20
5501 - 6000 $1,168.75$590.85$301.95$109.30
6001 - 7000 $1,247.75$630.35$321.70$118.85
7001 - 8000 $1,272.75$642.85$327.95$117.95

Get the breakdown of light vehicle registration fees PDF (685.5 KB).

Find out how to register or transfer your vehicle or renew your vehicle registration.

Motorcycle registration

Engine size (cc)12 months6 months3 months1 month
0001 - 0125 $159.60$86.30$49.60$25.20
0126 - 0260 $370.40$191.70$102.35$42.75
0261 - 0600 $889.65$451.35$232.15$86.00
Greater than 0600 $904.65$458.85$235.90$87.25

Get the breakdown of motorcycle registration fees PDF (418.9 KB).

Find out how to register or transfer your vehicle or renew your vehicle registration.

Trailer and caravan registration

Tare weight (kg)12 months6 months3 months1 month
0001 - 0200 $100.80$56.90$34.95$20.30
0201 - 0400 $115.80$64.40$38.70$21.55
0401 - 0600 $130.80$71.90$42.45$22.80
0601 - 0800 $145.80$79.40$46.20$24.05
0801 - 1000 $160.80$86.90$49.95$25.30
1001 - 1200 $197.80$105.40$59.20$28.40
1201 - 1400 $216.80$114.90$63.95$30.00
1401 - 1600 $234.80$123.90$68.45$31.50
1601 - 1800 $253.80$133.40$73.20$33.05
1801 - 2000 $272.80$142.90$77.95$34.65
2001 - 3000 $346.80$179.90$96.45$40.80
3001 - 4000 $433.80$223.40$118.20$48.05
4001 - 4500 $520.80$266.90$139.95$55.30

Get the breakdown of trailer registration fees PDF (648.7 KB).

Find out how to register or transfer your vehicle or renew your vehicle registration.

Electric vehicle registration

Description12 months6 months3 months1 month
For electric vehicles not exceeding 4.5 tonnes GVM.$677.75$345.35$179.20$68.35

Find out how to register or transfer your vehicle or renew your vehicle registration.

Dedicated rally car scheme registration

Description12 months
For dedicated rally car vehicles (guidelines apply)$108.60

Find out how to apply for rally car registration.

Vehicle inspection

Authorised vehicle inspectors (local mechanics) must follow the prescribed vehicle inspection fees below.

They may charge less than the prescribed fee, but they must not charge more.

Vehicle type Prescribed fee
Light vehicle (motor vehicle not exceeding 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass)* $58.30
Trailer (not exceeding 4.5 tonnes Aggregate Trailer Mass)* $58.30
In any other case (i.e., vehicles over 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass)* $133.10

If you go to a government vehicle inspection facility for an inspection, pre-payment of the roadworthy inspection fee is not required. It will be added to your registration fee at time of payment.

You must pre-pay for a defect clearance inspection. If the vehicle passes the inspection, you can renew your registration.

Find out how to get a vehicle inspection.

Heavy vehicle registration

To find out about fees and charges for heavy vehicles, read the heavy vehicle fees.

Find out how to register your heavy vehicle.

The fees and charges provided for heavy vehicles are subject to change at any time without notice.

For confirmation of exact fees and charges of registration, contact the MVR office.

Find heavy vehicle fees for:

Temporary licences to drive an unregistered vehicle

For vehicles under 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM) or aggregate trailer mass (ATM), the fee is $49.15.

For vehicles over 4.5 tonnes GVM/ATM, the fee is $35.15 plus 1/52 of the annual registration charge.

Oversize load pilot operator fee

For oversize load pilot applications, the renewal fee is $24.

Commercial passenger vehicle fees

Examinations or administrationFee
H endorsement $71
H endorsement theory test $20
Commercial vehicle licence label reprint$7
Communication and dispatch network approval$30

Operator and licence fees

Licence type Validity period Fee
Operator accreditation fee 5 years $100
Taxi - Darwin 12 months $5,000
Taxi - Gove 12 months $1,500
Taxi - Alice Springs 12 months $4,000
Taxi - Tennant Creek 12 months $1,500
Taxi - Katherine 12 months $2,500
Multiple purpose taxi (MPT) - all regions 12 months $300
Substitute taxi (standard) - all regions 12 months $300
Substitute taxi (wheelchair)12 months$300
Motor omnibus 3 years $550 with $66 annual endorsement fee per vehicle
Tourist vehicle 3 years $550 with a $50 annual endorsement fee per vehicle
Private hire car 12 months $300
Limousine 12 months $300
Special function vehicle 12 months $300
Special passenger vehicle12 months$150 with a $25 annual endorsement fee per vehicle
Rideshare 12 months $300
Minibus - Darwin 12 months $3,000
Minibus - Alice Springs 12 months $2,600
Minibus - Gove 12 months $975
Minibus - Katherine 12 months $1,625
Minibus - Tennant Creek 12 months $975
Wheelchair accessible minibus - all regions 12 months $300
Substitute minibus (standard) - all regions 12 months $300
Substitute minibus (wheelchair) - all regions12 months$300

Last updated: 20 January 2021

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