Change personal details on your driver licence and vehicle registration

If you change your name, address or other contact details, you must notify the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR).

If your address has changed, you must notify the MVR within 14 days. This is required under the Motor Vehicles Act 1949.

Doing this also ensures you:

  • get your courtesy reminder notices when your driver licence or vehicle registration is due for renewal
  • can be contacted for any other reason.

Contact details include your:

  • residential and postal address
  • phone numbers and
  • email address.

Before you begin

If you're requesting a replacement for your driver licence or registration certificate, you must meet the requirements below:

  • driver licence - you must be the licence holder and the licence must be current
    • if your licence is suspended or cancelled, you can’t apply for a replacement licence until the end of your suspension or cancellation period
  • registration certificate - you must be the registration owner and the registration must be current.


If you surrender your current licence and registration certificate to the MVR, you will get the replacements for free.

Otherwise, you must pay a licence replacement fee or a registration certificate replacement fee.

If the card number on your driver licence has been surrendered before, you must also pay a licence replacement fee.

How to update

How to update your details depends on what you need to update.

To change your name, you must supply original documents. Copies or certified copies will not be accepted.

MVR will verify the documents you submit through the Australian Government's Document Verification Service. To find out more, go to the Australian Government’s ID Match website.

If the documents can’t be verified, MVR can’t process the name change.

Documents that must be verified include:

  • a marriage certificate - to change from your family name to your married partner’s family name
  • a change of name certificate.

The following documents will not be accepted as evidence for name change:

  • relationship certificate
  • overseas marriage certificate
  • statutory declaration and
  • commemorative marriage certificate.

For individuals

To change your name on your driver licence and registration certificate, you must go to an MVR office with:

Change of family name due to marriage

To change your family name to your partner’s family name after getting married, you must go to an MVR office with:

  • your evidence of identity and residency - at least one category A and two category B documents, or two category A documents and one category B document and
  • one of the following documents issued by an Australian Births, Deaths and Marriages office:
    • marriage certificate - if you are adopting your partner's family name
    • change of name certificate - if you are changing your family name to a name that is not your partner’s family name
      • including if you intend to blend, hyphenate or combine your family name with your partner’s family name.

You can only use a marriage certificate to adopt your married partner’s family name.

Change of family name due to divorce

To change your name from your married partner’s family name back to your previously-known family name, you must go to an MVR office with:

  • court-issued divorce papers
  • evidence of identity in your previously-known family name (such as your birth certificate)
  • your marriage certificate to link your former married partner’s family name to the name appearing on your evidence of identity documents, unless the names are stated in your divorce papers.

You can update your address or contact details by any of the below.


You can update your address and contact details on the MVR Quick Pay website or through the NT Rego app.

To change your address and contact details online, you will need your customer ID and your:

  • licence number or
  • registration number.

You can find your customer ID on your renewal notice.

Driver licence renewal notice showing MVR customer ID number highlightedVehicle registration renewal notice sample with the customer ID highlighted

In person

You can change your details by visiting:

  • a local participating Australia Post outlet
    • if you update your residential address at an Australia Post outlet, you will only get a replacement licence if you’re completing another licence transaction, such as a licence renewal
  • or an MVR office.

By phone

You can change your details by calling 1300 654 628.

By email

You can change your contact details by sending the following to

  • your new details and
  • a scanned copy of the front and back of your current NT licence.

By mail

You can change your contact details by writing to:

Motor Vehicle Registry
GPO Box 530
Darwin NT 0801

You must include your:

  • new details and
  • a scanned copy of the front and back of your current NT licence.

After you update

If you are issued a replacement licence due to a change of name or residential address, it will be mailed to the address shown on your driver licence receipt.

If the address is not correct, you must contact MVR.

You must allow standard mail delivery times for your area.

When you receive your replacement licence in the mail, you must destroy or surrender your old licence.

Last updated: 04 February 2022

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