Get a vehicle inspection

If you need a roadworthy inspection, you can get it:

  • from an authorised inspector (local mechanic) or
  • at a government vehicle inspection facility.

If you need a roadworthy inspection and a compliance check, you can get the:

  • roadworthy inspection from an authorised inspector and
  • compliance check through a vehicle inspection facility - this means you won't have to book.

Authorised inspectors

Vehicle inspections can be carried out by authorised vehicle inspectors.

You can also find authorised inspectors through the NT Rego app.

Government vehicle inspection facility

In the Darwin region

You can get your vehicle inspected at the Wishart vehicle inspection facility - you must pre-book through the booking system.

If you need a compliance check or re-check only, you don’t need to book. Find out how to get a compliance check.

Other regions

If you are in other region, find a vehicle inspection facility.

Inspection process

The following are what happens when you go to a local mechanic or a government inspection facility.

During the inspection

An inspector will:

  • inspect your vehicle
  • give you an inspection report
  • charge you an inspection fee.

Some inspectors may submit the inspection report directly to MVR on your behalf.

After the inspection

You must make sure MVR receives your inspection report. If the inspector hasn't submitted the report on your behalf, you can submit it by any of the following:

You must allow one working day for emailed inspection reports to be processed.

You can then pay your registration fee online using MVR quick pay.

During the inspection

A transport inspector will:

  • inspect your vehicle
  • process the inspection report on your behalf.

After the inspection

You can then pay your inspection fee and registration fee:

  • at the government inspection facility
  • online using MVR quick pay
  • in person at an MVR office.

If your vehicle fails the inspection

Read what you should do if your vehicle fails the inspection.

Written-off vehicles

You can't book an inspection for a written-off vehicle online. Read more about written-off vehicles.

For more information, read V54 NT vehicle written off vehicle register PDF (153.1 KB)


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Last updated: 18 May 2021

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