The Northern Territory written off register aims to reduce the number of stolen vehicles that could be registered with false identification.

You must notify the MVR if your vehicle is written off so it can be recorded in the NT written off vehicle register.

This applies to all vehicles 15 years old or less (except trailers less than 4.5 tonnes and all plant based special purpose vehicles).

A vehicle is considered to be written off if it is assessed as a total loss.

Total loss is when the cost to salvage and repair the vehicle would be more than the fair market value of the vehicle at the time it was damaged.

A written off vehicle falls into one of the following three categories:

  • statutory write off
  • repairable write off 
  • a written off vehicle that has been stolen and cannot be recovered.

Statutory write off

This is a vehicle that is assessed as a total loss and meets any of the five statutory write off definitions, or has been assessed and recorded as a statutory write off in another state or territory.

These vehicles must have their compliance plate and vehicle identification number permanently marked with a diagonal chisel line. This must be carried out by the person or organisation that has assessed the vehicle as a total loss.

If the vehicle is offered for auction or sale, it must have a label with the following message:

  • 'Statutory write off. Warning. This vehicle cannot be registered. Suitable for parts/dismantling only. The vehicle identification number (VIN) has been cancelled.'

This label is to have lettering of at least 9mm on a contrasting background, and must be clearly readable from a distance of at least 2m. The label should be at least 230mm x 170mm.

Repairable write off

This is a vehicle that is assessed as a total loss and is not a statutory write off.

Last updated: 28 November 2017