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Re-register repairable write-off

Only a vehicle that has been assessed as a repairable write-off will be considered for registration in the Northern Territory (NT).

Your vehicle will have to undergo all of the following:

  • roadworthy inspection
  • vehicle identity and validation inspection
  • stolen motor vehicle (SMV) check.

The SMV check can only be arranged by transport inspectors via official request and you will be informed of the outcome.

Your vehicle must pass all three to be re-registered.

You must apply to have your vehicle undergo these inspections at a vehicle inspection facility.

Queries and other business for written-off vehicles are dealt with Monday to Friday only.

Before you apply

Fill in the application for inspection of written-off vehicle form PDF (439.4 KB), including other documents such as evidence of ownership or photographs.

How to apply

You can apply by email, fax or mail.


Email your application to nt.wovr@nt.gov.au.


You can fax your application and documents to 08 8941 0260.


You can send your application and documents to:

WOVR application – vehicle compliance
GPO Box 2520
Darwin NT 0801

After you have applied

You will be contacted to arrange a vehicle assessment at an inspection facility in Darwin, Katherine or Alice Springs.

Roadworthy inspection

The vehicle must pass a full roadworthy inspection. Any repair work undertaken will also be inspected during this inspection.

You will need to bring all of the following to a vehicle inspection facility if advised that it is required:

  • photo evidence of the repairs before and after
  • detailed wheel alignment report including OEM target data
  • vehicle identification chassis number (VIN)
  • structural repair certification
  • vehicle safety devices and systems certification
  • engineering certification.

Vehicle identity validation inspection

The vehicle must also pass an identity validation inspection at an inspection facility.

The vehicle may be required to be left at the facility for the duration of the inspection at the office in Darwin, Katherine or Alice Springs.

The vehicle owner will be notified when the inspection has been completed. This will generally occur within one day.

Stolen motor vehicle check

The vehicle must clear this check by the relevant authority who may require further inspection of the vehicle. The SMV check can only be arranged by the transport inspectors via official request who will inform you of the outcome.

You will need to provide evidence of identity.

More information

For more information get a copy of V74 Registration of a repairable write-off PDF (439.4 KB)

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Last updated: 03 December 2021

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