Get a vehicle compliance check

A compliance check is an inspection of a vehicle's identifiers or identification numbers.

You will need to get a compliance check if you:

  • are registering your vehicle in the Northern Territory (NT) for the first time
  • need to confirm your vehicle identification or description.

It must be carried out by a transport inspector in a vehicle inspection facility.

How to get a compliance check

You do not have to pay to get a compliance check.


If you are in Darwin, go to the Wishart vehicle inspection facility and present your vehicle to the by-pass lane (far left).

You do not need to book.

You should make your presence known to staff, and an inspector will carry out the compliance check when available.

Other regions

For other regions, find a vehicle inspection facility.

During a compliance check

During a compliance check, a transport inspector checks the vehicle's identifiers, which include the:

  • vehicle inspection number (VIN)
  • engine number.

It checks the:

  • vehicle's identifiers are not missing or altered in any way
  • vehicle corresponds with the registration application details and information contained on a registration authority’s database.

If your vehicle fails the inspection

Read what you should do if your vehicle fails the inspection.

Last updated: 23 July 2020

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