Apply for rally car registration

You can get a reduced registration rate for your dedicated rally car.

This registration only applies to vehicles that have been constructed solely to participate in rally car events. These events must be approved by Motorsport Australia.

You will have restricted access to a road or a road-related area.

This is not an alternative to normal vehicle registration. It is also not a short-term registration scheme.

To find out more read the following guidelines:

Dedicated rally car registration scheme guidelines PDF (981.9 KB)
Dedicated rally car registration scheme guidelines DOCX (713.2 KB)

You can only apply for rally car registration if you have all of the below:

  • a current driver's licence
  • a current Motorsport Australia competition licence (valid for the duration of your 12 month rally car registration)
  • membership with a motor sports club affiliated with Motorsport Australia.

You can find out more about competition licences and club affiliations on the Motorsport Australia website.

You can apply for the registration by following the below steps:

Step 1. Check your licence

Make sure your driver's licence and Motorsport Australia competition licence are valid for 12 months or more.

Step 2. Fill in the application

Complete the following sections of the rally car registration application:

  • applicant details
  • vehicle details
  • declaration.

Dedicated rally car registration application PDF (713.9 KB)
Dedicated rally car registration application DOCX (64.5 KB)

Step 3. Get your application endorsed

You will need to have your rally car registration application endorsed by an office bearer at an approved motor sports club.

This endorsement is valid for six weeks.

Step 4. Get an inspection

You must get a roadworthy inspection report, also known as a green slip, from a dedicated rally car inspector.

The inspector will also need to endorse your rally car registration application.

To find an approved rally car inspector, go to the Motorsport Australia website.

Step 5. Send your application to Motorsport Australia

You must get an authority to operate from Motorsport Australia.

To do this, email the following to

  • your completed rally car application
  • your passed roadworthy inspection report
  • a completed Motorsport Australia logbook application - if you're a new applicant.

You can find a logbook application on the Motorsport Australia website.

Step 6. Compliance checks for first time applicants

If you have a vehicle that haven't had NT registration, you should get a compliance check.

Find your nearest government inspection facility.

First time applicants also need to submit all of the following to the MVR:

Step 7. Submit and pay the fee

Submit all of your forms and supporting documents to the MVR. You will also need to pay a 12 month registration fee.

Once you have met all of the requirements and paid the registration fee, the MVR will issue you with:

  • a set of dedicated rally car number plates
  • a vehicle logbook
  • a registration certificate.

Find an MVR office.

Last updated: 08 July 2020

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