Apply for a compliance check

A compliance check assesses whether a proposed development would comply with the NT Planning Scheme if built.

You might apply for one if you need written confirmation that your permitted use meets the rules.

A successful compliance check provides you with endorsed plans for your development.

If any non-compliant parts of the development are found, you can:

  • amend the plans to be compliant or
  • submit a development application seeking a variation to scheme requirements.

Before you apply

You will need to provide a set of dimensioned plans of the development.

How to apply

You can apply for a compliance check through the Development Applications Online website.


You will need to pay:

After you apply

Read below to find out what happens after you submit your application.

Processing time

The processing time is usually between two to three weeks.

Decision maker

The decision maker is:

  • Development Consent Authority (within DCA areas) or
  • the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (outside of DCA areas).

Administrating branch

The administrating branch is Development Assessment Services. Contact a planner.

Last updated: 31 July 2020

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