Meet with a planner

Before you submit a development application, you can book a meeting to get advice from either:

  • a Development Assessment Services planner
  • or the Development Consent Authority.

These meetings are not a substitute for consultation with individual agencies or qualified consultants.

How and where meetings are held

Your meeting with a planner will usually be an hour long and is confidential. You can bring a consultant or other representative.

You may arrange meetings with planners or the Development Consent Authority as many times as you need before submitting your proposal.

Meetings are held on business days at department offices in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs.

Meetings are voluntary unless you are submitting a concurrent application.

For more information, including about compulsory meetings, read about concurrent applications.

How to book a meeting

You can book your meeting either of the following ways:

For a meeting with a planner, make the booking at least two days ahead of your meeting and up to two months before the date.

Meetings you can book

Read below for more information about the meetings you can book.

Pre-application meeting with a planner

You can meet with a planner for all the following:

  • to discuss upcoming proposals
  • receive feedback on your development application based on the requirements of the following:
    • Northern Territory (NT) Planning Scheme
    • the Planning Act
    • department processes.

Assistance preparing an application

You can meet with a planner if you have never prepared a development application and need help with any of the following:

  • lodging an application
  • creating an account in Development Applications Online
  • preparing a statement of effect in line with the Planning Act and the NT Planning Scheme
  • identifying the types of plans and drawings to submit with your proposal.

Once submitted, you can meet with the planner assigned to your application as it proceeds through the development assessment process.

Enquire about an existing permit

You can meet with a planner to discuss any of the following about your development or subdivision permit:

  • how to meet any conditions in your permit
  • making changes to your permit
  • extending the period of the permit
  • how to comply with your permit.

Enquire about a rezoning proposal

You can meet with a planner to talk about changing the existing zoning of your property, the assessment process and application time frames.

Public enquiry about zoning proposal or current application

Members of the public can meet with a planner to talk about a specific rezoning proposal or application that is on public exhibition.

The planner can give you advice on any of the following:

  • the nature of the proposal or application
  • the assessment process
  • how to make a submission.

To make your submission, go to Development Applications Online website.

You can also do it over the counter at a Development Assessment Services office.

Planning forum

You can meet with representatives from a range of agencies involved in the development assessment process before submitting your application.

Pre-application planning forums are chaired by a senior department employee and may include representatives from any of the following agencies or others:

  • Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
  • the relevant local council
  • Power and Water Corporation
  • Department of Health and Families
  • Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority
  • Tourism NT.

Unlike other meetings with Development Assessment Services planners, forums are held at specific times at the following department offices:

  • Darwin office - every Friday morning, except on public holidays and during the December to January school-holiday period
  • Alice Springs office - each fortnight.

To book your planning forum, you should book at least nine days ahead of the date and up to two months in advance through Development Applications Online website.

Forums last for 30 minutes or longer on request.

Briefing the Development Consent Authority

You can meet with the Development Consent Authority to present your proposal and receive feedback directly from the authority that will decide on your proposal.

It is suggested that you speak to a planner before booking your briefing to determine if a briefing would be appropriate for your proposal.

Pre-application briefings are held directly after Development Consent Authority meetings, at different frequencies in the following locations:

  • Darwin office - twice a month
  • Palmerston, Katherine, Litchfield and Alice Springs office - once a month
  • Batchelor and Tennant Creek office - as needed.

To view meeting locations and dates, go to the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics website.

You can book your briefing at least two weeks ahead of the date and up to two months in advance.

After you have booked a meeting with the Development Consent Authority, you should provide any documentation that you want to provide to members before the meeting.

You should provide this to a Development Assessment Services office at least 14 days before your briefing date.

Last updated: 25 August 2020

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