Land supply and property information

Information about land management, development and how to get land records or titles in the Northern Territory.

  • Boundary lines and easements
    What are boundary lines, how to find information on boundary lines, different types of easements and how to find information on easements.
  • How to transfer land
    If you are a land owner and you wish to sell your property, you must apply to transfer the land with a Northern Territory Land Titles Office.
  • Land acquisitions
    Land acquisitions, compensation and how to appeal
  • Land sold for outstanding rates
    Land sold for outstanding rates, how properties are sold for outstanding rates, making a claim on money raised from sale of properties for outstanding rates.
  • Property taxes
    Property taxes, stamp duty and land tax
  • Get land information
    Get land information online, maps, photos, land title searches and NT Atlas.
  • How to search for land titles
    How to search for land titles in person, by phone or fax, one-off searches and services for professionals
  • Search for an NT place or road name
    Search the Place Names Register for places, roads, parks and natural features in the NT and read about how they got these names. This information relates to the Place Names Act.
  • Land surveys
    Information for surveyors and the general public on how to find land survey, and land tenures in the Northern Territory.
  • Land subdivisions
    Land subdivision, search to view current development applications
  • Property and street addresses
    How property addresses are created, national standards, new addresses, urban addresses, rural addresses and addresses in Aboriginal communities.