Land sold for outstanding rates

If you own a property and don't pay the full amount of any outstanding rates, a council could sell the property under the Local Government Act 2008.

An owner of a property is either:

  • the owner who was registered on the title
  • or the owner's successors in title such as the executor or an administrator appointed by a Court.

How councils can sell a property

If a council has been unable to contact you or find your whereabouts it may sell the property by a public auction.

The council can claim payment of the outstanding rates and its costs to sell the property from the money received at the sale.  

The council may pay the remaining money to the Public Trustee which then holds the money for the owner.

How to claim money held by the Public Trustee

If you want to claim the money held by the Public Trustee, you must write a letter to the Office of the Public Trustee to explain the reasons for your claim.

Your letter should include your supporting documents such as:

  • original or certified copies of identification
  • original or certified copies of probate or letters of administration or other court documents
  • original or certified copies of death certificates or birth certificates
  • any other originals or certified documents to show the line of executors or beneficiaries that give that person the entitlement to the money.

After you claim

Your claim will be reviewed. It is possible that the Public Trustee will ask you for further information before a decision will be made to pay out a claim.

Public Trustee funds list

This is the list of property sales that have generated funds held by the Public Trustee.

DateOwnerDetails of Property
12/06/2014Adcock, William 18 & 20 Austin Street, Southport
21/12/2011Allen, Philip Redmond1/3 share of 45 Cherry Street, Southport
12/06/2014Allen, Philip Redmond 37 Austin Street, Southport
4/10/2013Anderson, Peter AllanLot 330 Town of Southport
13/12/2013Andrews, Phyllis Frances1/18 share of 670 Letchford Road, Darwin River
13/12/2013Bennett, Sara Laura6/18 share of 670 Letchford Road, Darwin River
29/06/2012Bennett, William Ogle25 Aldridge Street, Southport 
30/11/2012Berrill, Steven Raymond10 Boag Court, Tennant Creek
18/09/2014Birks, WalterLot 53 & 156 Townsite of Southport
18/08/2010Brand, George Sison1/3 share of Section 871 Hundred of Goyder
18/08/2010Brand, James Hilton1/3 share of Section 871 Hundred of Goyder
18/08/2010Brand, Henry St Barbe1/3 share of Section 871 Hundred of Goyder
29/06/2012Bright, George Henry53 Ringwood Street, Southport
18/05/2011Brock, CarolineLot 186, Townsite of Southport
4/10/2013Brown, Frank PatersonLot 329 Town of Southport
18/05/2011Brown, James JohnSection 46 & 70 Hundred of Cavenagh
4/10/2013Brown, James John29 Austin Street, Southport
4/10/2013Brown, James John2 Tuckwell Street, Southport
18/05/2011Brown, SamuelLot 371 Townsite of Southport
18/05/2011Brown, SamuelLot 377 Townsite of Southport
18/05/2011Brown, SamuelSect 50, 51 & 66, Hundred of Cavenagh
18/08/2010Buckley, Georgina 1/3 share of Section 958 Hundred of Goyder
29/06/2012Buckley, Georgina 1/3 share of 26 Kersley Street, Southport
4/08/2010Burstall, JacobLot 90 Townsite of Southport
4/08/2010Craig, HughLot 178 Townsite of Southport
29/10/2009Diment, WilliamSection 2944, Hundred of Goyder
4/08/2010Douglas, WilliamSection 2444, Hundred of Cavenagh
4/10/2010Donaldson, AlexSection 817 Hundred of Cavenagh
13/12/2013Elliott, Graham George5/18 share of 670 Letchford Road, Darwin River
20/07/2011Farrell, Margaret JoyLot 300 Townsite of Southport
29/10/2009Flower, DavidSection 2117, Hundred of Goyder
12/06/2014Freeling, Harry 29 Aldridge Street, Southport
4/10/2013Fuller, Blanch & Morris, Florence & Williamson, Alfred and Gardner, Silver Lot 242 - 42 Kersley Street, Southport
29/06/2012Gall, Richard32 Tuckwell Street, Southport - Lot 183
20/07/2011Gillett, William ALot 104, Town of Southport
4/08/2010Goldschmidt, SimonSection 676, Hundred of Cavenagh
29/06/2012Goode, Frances55 Ringwood Street, Southport - Lot 306
4/10/2013Gouge, EmilyLot 328, Town of Southport
20/07/2011Gouge, EmilyLot 8 Townsite of Tumbling Waters
4/10/2013Gouge, EmilyLot 286 - 51 Ringwood Street, Southport
4/10/2013Gouge, Emily47 Austin Street, Southport
18/09/2014Gouge, EmilyLots 64 & 94 Townsite of Southport
12/06/2014Gouge, Emily and Peters, Sophia and Heggie, Mary38 Austin Street, Southport
12/06/2014Gouge, Emily and Peters, Sophia and Heggie, Mary39 Austin Street, Southport
12/06/2014Gouge, Emily and Peters, Sophia and Heggie, Mary43 Austin Street, Southport
4/08/2010Gouge, Emily and Peters, Sophia and Heggie, Mary  Lot 307, Townsite of Southport
4/10/2013Gouge, Emily and Peters, Sophia and Heggie, Mary  Lot 257 - 45 Austin Street, Southport 
29/06/2012Griffiths, Frederick34 Kersley Street, Southport - Lot 202
4/10/2013Harris, Rachel35 Ringwood Street, Southport
29/06/2012Harrison, George170 Stockwell Road, Blackmore 
21/12/2011Harvey, Robert Young1/3 share of 45 Cherry Street, Southport
13/12/2013Hudson, Dennis G and Hudson, Josephine L620 Spencer Road, Darwin River
13/12/2013Hudson, Dennis G and Hudson, Josephine L J280 Old Bynoe Road, Livingston
18/09/2014Hunt, JamesLot 229 & 290 Townsite of Southport
29/06/2012Johnstone, John33 Aldridge St Southport
4/08/2010Jones, Joshua26 Ringwood Street,  Southport
4/10/2013Kelsey, Charles48 Ringwood Street, Southport
4/10/2013Kerr, Andrew C60 Ringwood Road, Southport
18/09/2014Kidd, EdnaLot 320 Townsite of Southport
18/09/2014Kilian, CharlesLots 20 & 36 Townsite of Southport
4/10/2013King, Benjamin37 Ringwood Street, Southport
30/11/2012Kunoth, Sydney46 Noble Street Tennant Creek
4/10/2013Little, Egbert 17 Austin Street, Southport
4/10/2013Little, Egbert  1 Tuckwell Street, Southport
4/10/2013Little, Egbert  15 Austin Street, Southport
18/05/2011Luxton, EdwinLot 372, Townsite of Southport
4/10/2013Macgowan, Alexander32 Kersley Street, Southport
18/09/2014Mackay, NevilleLot 140 Townsite of Southport
18/05/2011Marker, EmilLot 376, Townsite of Southport
4/10/2013Mawson, John47 Collett Street, Southport
21/12/2011McKeddie, George1/3 share of 45 Cherry Street, Southport
29/06/2012Mellor, Benjamin Fox46 Ringwood Street, Southport 
20/07/2011Miller, DavidLot 378 Townsite of Southport
29/06/2012Parker, Henry George31 Kersley Street, Southport 
12/06/2014Penfold, Amos33 Collett Street, Southport
18/09/2014Pickford, Ada & Rosenhain, Edmund AlfredLot 374 Townsite of Southport
29/06/2012Ryan, John56 Aldridge Street, Southport 
18/09/2014Shackleton, JohnLot 125 Townsite of Southport
13/12/2013Stanton, Lilian Eva Rachael6/18 share of 670 Letchford Road, Darwin River
12/06/2014Stock, Robert Alfred35 Collett Street, Southport
4/10/2013Strawbridge William and Jones, James WLot 246 - 43 Ringwood Street
4/10/2013Walker, James ALot 120 Townsite of Southport

Last updated: 24 May 2022

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