How to transfer land

If you are a land owner and you wish to sell your property you must apply to transfer the land with a Northern Territory Land Titles Office.

Transfers of land can be complex. Signing a transfer of lot form puts legal obligations on both seller and buyer, and means the buyer is required to pay stamp duty on the sale.  You should seek advice from a solicitor or licensed conveyancing agent before signing a transfer form .

Before you apply

Documents you will need

For a residential property less than 1.8 hectares with a swimming pool

You will need one of the following: 

  • a compliance certificate of pool safety fencing 
  • a provisional compliance certificate of pool safety fencing
  • an acknowledgement notice with a purchaser's declaration
  • a provisional acknowledgement notice or temporary acknowledgement notice.

For a residential property less than 1.8 hectares without a swimming pool

You will need to provide one of the following: 

  • no pool statutory declaration forms, signed by all sellers PDF (752.4 KB) and by all purchasers PDF (752.9 KB)
  • a statutory declaration made by a legal practitioner
  • a statutory declaration made by either a real estate agent, a real estate agent's representative or a licensed conveyancing agent.

How to apply

Complete the following steps:

Step 1: Print out the transfer of lot form on one piece of paper using double sided printing

Step 2. Both the seller and buyer must fill in the transfer of lot form.  

Step 3. All the sellers and buyers must sign the form in front of a qualified person who will also add their signature.

Step 4. Take the completed form to the Territory Revenue office for stamp duty to be assessed.  You may also need to provide other documents depending on the type of transaction you are involved in.  Your solicitor or professional adviser can help with this.

You must pay the stamp duty at one of the following offices before the transfer of lot can be finalised.

Territory Revenue Office: Darwin
Level 14
Charles Darwin Centre
19 The Mall
Phone: 1300 305 353

Department of Corporate and Information Services: Alice Springs
1st Floor Alice Plaza
Parsons Street
Alice Springs
Phone: (08) 8951 6500

Step 5. Submit your original transfer form and documents, and pay the fee, to a Land Titles Office.  If you have a duplicate certificate of title, you must return this to the Land Titles Office when you submit your forms.


For more information contact a Land Titles Office or

Last updated: 06 February 2019

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