Get a land title certificate

The Land Titles Office holds all original land title certificates in a computer-based system.

You will not be automatically given a copy of this certificate when you buy a property.

You must apply to the Land Titles Office if you need a copy, or duplicate of the certificate. 

There is a different application form if you want to replace a lost, mislaid or destroyed certificate. 

How to apply for a certificate 

You can only request a certificate if the mortgagee, like a bank or financial institution, agrees to issue you a certificate.

You can prepare the application form yourself or use the services of a professional like a licensed conveyancing agent or solicitor. 

To apply for a certificate you must follow these steps: 

Step 1. Print out the request to issue a certificate as to title form on one piece of paper using double sided printing.

Step 2. Fill in the form.

Step 3. All land owners must sign the form in front of a qualified witness who will add their signature.

Step 4. If a mortgage is registered on your title then the bank or financial institution will also need to sign the application form.

Step 5. Submit the original form at a Land Titles Office where you have to pay a fee if you are not applying for a certificate as part of another transaction - eg: a discharge or mortgage.

Step 6. The Land Titles Office will issue you a certificate and registration statement as evidence of the request.

Certificates can be:

  • collected from a Land Titles Office
  • posted out to you by registered mail for an additional fee

How to replace a lost, mislaid or destroyed certificate

You can apply to replace your lost, mislaid or destroyed land title certificate if you are an owner of the land. 

Other people who know the circumstances of the lost title may apply on your behalf such as a solicitor or bank.

You can prepare the form yourself or get help from a professional person such as a solicitor or licensed conveyancing agent.

How to apply

To replace a lost, mislaid or destroyed certificate you must follow these steps: 

Step 1. Print out the application to replace your certificate form on one piece of paper using double sided printing.

Step 2. Fill in the form including the statutory declaration on the back of the form.

Step 3. You must advertise the loss of title in the local newspaper or pay a fee for the office of the Registrar General to place an ad on your behalf. Example advertisement below.

Step 4. Wait a reasonable time to see if anyone responds to the newspaper advertisement which must be at least three working days.

Step 5. If there is no response to the ad you can submit your application form and pay the fee to a Land Title Office.

The original application form can be lodged in person at your nearest Land Titles Office or sent by post to GPO Box 3021, Darwin NT 0801.

The Land Titles Office will not automatically issue you a new paper title certificate.

If you need another certificate you must fill in and lodge a separate application form to request to issue a certificate as to title.

Example advertisement for the loss of a certificate


Would anyone holding or knowing the whereabouts of the duplicate certificate as to title Volume
Folio:                  for Lot:
Town of:

In the name of: 
please contact:

A reward will be offered.

Last updated: 04 March 2016

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