Heritage properties: information for owners

If you own a heritage-listed property in the Northern Territory (NT) all types of work carried out on the property are controlled by the Heritage Act. Read the law.

Read more at heritage properties: building works and development.

You may receive assistance to manage and maintain your property, including any of the following:

  • free professional advice from a conservation expert
  • rate rebates
  • cash grants under the NT Heritage Grants program.

How to get expert advice

You can ask about getting professional advice from a conservation expert by contacting the Heritage Branch on (08) 8999 5039.

Rates rebates

If you pay rates on your heritage-listed property you may be eligible to get a refund on some of the rates you have paid. This is called rates relief.

Your property must be declared a heritage place under the Heritage Act.

Properties owned by the NT or Federal Government are not eligible for rates rebates.

If your property is within a heritage precinct it needs to contribute to the character of the precinct which is decided by the Heritage Branch.

How much you can claim

The amount of rates relief will be calculated on the total amount of rates paid less waste management charges.

All of the following guidelines apply for rates relief:

  • owners of properties used exclusively for residential purposes will get a 75% rebate
  • owners of properties not used exclusively for residential purposes will get a 25% rebate
  • the maximum amount of rates relief paid in any year for any given property is $4,000.

Rates rebate conditions

All of the following conditions apply for rates rebates:

  • the owner is adequately maintaining the property which is determined by the Heritage Branch
  • any claim must be made within 60 days of the rates being paid
  • no rebate will be paid for rates that when paid were overdue for more than one year.

The Heritage branch reserves the right to calculate the amount of rates in non standard situations.

How to claim a rebate

You must go online to the Grants Tracker website to apply for a rates rebate.

You must provide all of the following information:

  • your rates notice for the property in your name
  • proof the rates have been paid in full
  • your bank account details.

If you are not the property owner you must have a letter of authority from the owner.

All rebate payments will be made by Electronic Funds Transfer to your nominated bank account listed in the Grants Tracker Management System.

Heritage Grants Program

The main purpose of this grant program is to help with the cost of conservation work on privately-owned heritage properties.

Read apply for a heritage grant for more information about the program including who to talk to about your property and projects which may be funded.

Doing work on heritage-listed properties

Before you start any works you should read heritage properties: building works and development for information on the rules and requirements.


Heritage Branch

Darwin and Top End

GPO Box 1680
Darwin NT 0801

9-11 Cavenagh Street
Darwin NT
Phone: 08 8999 5039

Alice Springs and Central Australia

PO Box 2130
Alice Springs 
NT 0871

Level 1 Greenwell Building
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Phone: 08 8951 9247

Last updated: 24 August 2018