Land acquisitions

If your land is being acquired by the Northern Territory Government you can receive compensation or appeal against the decision.

The NT government, through the Acquisition section of the Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment has the legal right to acquire land that is needed for projects under the Lands Acquisition Act 1978.

The department also acts on behalf of government agencies such as Health, Education or Transport.

These projects may include new roads, power and sewerage services, access to government facilities or for health and safety reasons.

How the government can acquire land

The government will negotiate an agreement with you including compensation if they need to acquire your land.

If the land is needed immediately or an agreement can't be reached then the compulsory provisions of the Act can be used.

How compensation is worked out

As the land owner you are entitled to fair and just terms compensation for any acquisition of your land.

The amount you will be offered is determined by independent valuation.

If there is a big difference between the amount you want and what is offered you may be asked to get a second opinion from an NT licensed Valuer.

Go to the Australian Property Institute website to find a valuer. You must provide a a copy of the report must be given to the Acquisition section.

Compensation can include a land swap.

If you are unhappy with compensation amount

If the acquisition of your land is going ahead but you disagree with the compensation amount you can appeal to the NT Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

You can contact the Community Justice Centre if you need help to put your case to the Tribunal contact.

The Tribunal will consider your claims and those of the agency and they will make a decision on the compensation amount to be paid.

How to appeal

You have the right to question government moves to acquire your land.

You can refer the issue to the NT Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The Tribunal will then make a recommendation to the relevant Minister to either carry out or stop the land acquisition.


For more information contact your nearest Land Administration Office.

Last updated: 08 March 2019

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