Land subdivisions

A subdivision is when a land developer takes one large block of land and divides it up into many smaller blocks.

A subdivision can also be when multiple blocks are consolidated into one larger block, or a boundary between two blocks is moved.

These blocks or lots, are then usually sold individually or in multiple lots to a property developer.

The developer will then usually build a series of properties and sell them one by one or as home and land packages.

Read about subdivision permits and processes.

Subdivision development guidelines

If you work in the development of subdivisions, you should refer to the subdivision development guidelines.

For subdivision developments in the Northern Territory, the guidelines provides information on:

  • the required engineering and construction standards
  • the process from preliminary design, through to construction and handover of developed land

Access the current subdivision development guidelines on the Development Applications Online website.

Search for subdivision applications

To view current development applications, go to the Development Applications Online website.


If you need more information, contact a planner from Development Assessment Services.

Last updated: 31 August 2020

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