Exceptional development permit decisions

After your exceptional development permit (EDP) application is received, it goes to the minister for planning for consideration.

The minister for planning may grant an EDP to:

  • allow changes to an existing use or building that was previously permitted but is now prohibited or
  • establish a use or development prohibited by a planning scheme.

Read how to apply for an exceptional development permit.

Find proposals that are currently on exhibition on the Development Applications Online website.

Recent decisions

The table below lists decisions made in the last 30 days to grant, refuse or vary an EDP.

It also has the permit and reasons for each decision.

EDP permitDescriptionLocationZoneDecision Reasons for decision Decision date
PDF (5.0 MB)
Dwelling-group x 2 (retain existing dwelling and construct 1 x additional dwelling in a single storey building)Lot 2296 (107) Gap Road, Suburb of The GapLR (Low Density Residential)ApprovedEDP22/0005 notice of decision
PDF (124.5 KB)
EDP22/0001 PDF (4.1 MB)Shed addition to waste management facility with height exceeding the 8.5 metre height limit for Zone CP (Community Purpose)Lot 7902 (80) Commonage Road, Suburb of IlparpaCP (Community Purpose)ApprovedEDP22/0001 notice of decision PDF (113.0 KB)01/09/2022
EDP22/0004 PDF (579.9 KB)Change of use from medical clinic (dental surgery and laboratory) to officeLot 2316 (2) Larapinta Drive, Suburb of CicconeMR (Medium Density Residential)ApprovedEDP22/0004 notice of decision PDF (111.5 KB)29/08/2022
EDP22/0003 PDF (137.3 KB)Shade structure additions to car parkLot 303 (47) Ambrose Street, Town of Tennant CreekLR (Low Density Residential)ApprovedEDP22/0003 notice of decision PDF (122.6 KB)19/07/2022
EDP20/0013A PDF (579.8 KB)To vary condition 1 of exceptional development permit EDP20/0013 for the purpose of amended building setbacks of and design of shade structuresLot 5310 (17) Nardoo Court, Sadadeen, Town of Alice SpringsLR (Low Density Residential)ApprovedEDP20/0013A notice of decision PDF (197.2 KB)27/06/2022
EDP22/0002 PDF (5.2 MB)Dwelling-group (1 x 2 bedroom) in a 2 storey building (elevated dwelling) within land subject to floodingLot 773 (290) Robinson Road, Borroloola, Town of Borroloola MZ (Multi Zone) Approved EDP22/0002 notice of decision PDF (115.8 KB)30/05/2022

Previous decisions

To find out about previous EDP decisions, contact a planner from Development Assessment Services.

Last updated: 21 October 2022

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