Strategic framework

The strategic framework is made up of plans and policies that form part of the NT Planning Scheme.

They describe how the government expects land to develop now and in the future.

They cover different areas of the NT and are arranged in the following order:

  • Territory-wide policy
  • regional land use plans
  • sub regional land use plans
  • area plans.

Read the strategic framework policies and plans.

Watch this short video for a summary of the plan-making process.

Read more about the plan-making process and how planning works in the NT.

How plans and policies work

Plans and policies are designed to work together to coordinate future development.

This ensures that needs are met in a way that considers and reflects local differences.

When they are considered

The minister for planning considers strategic plans and policies when making changes to the planning scheme such as:

  • introducing a new area plan
  • rezoning land
  • changing development requirements.

The Development Consent Authority and the minister consider these plans and policies when interpreting the planning rules. This is essential for making decisions about development permit applications.

Read more about how the strategic framework works in part 2 of the planning scheme PDF (428.0 KB).

How to find a strategic plan or policy

To find out what strategic plans might apply to your land, you can:

Last updated: 14 October 2021

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