Northern Territory Planning Scheme

Referenced documents: policies

This page lists policies referenced under Schedule 2: schedule to clause 2.7 of the Northern Territory (NT) Planning Scheme.

Policies must be taken into account when making a development application.

The consent authority must consider policies when making a decision.

All of the NT

NT Compact Urban Growth Policy 2015 (145.0 kb)

Alice Springs

Alice Springs Regional Land Use Plan 2016 (23.1 mb)

Coomalie and Finniss

Coomalie Planning Concepts and Land Use Objectives 2000 (4.1 mb)

Finniss Planning Concepts and Land Use Objectives 2002 (16.0 mb)


Darwin Regional Land Use Plan 2015 (31.7 mb) and Study Area and Land Use Structures (2.6 mb)

Darwin Inner Suburbs Area Plan 2016 (10.3 mb)

Darwin Mid Suburbs Area Plan 2016 (10.9 mb)

Capital City Charter (1.9 mb)


Katherine Land Use Plan 2014 (amended 2016) (17.1 mb)


Litchfield Subregional Land Use Plan - electronic version (20.5 mb) - high quality maps with detailed layers

Litchfield Subregional Land Use Plan - printable version (34.4 mb).


Durack Master Plan

These documents are referred to in the Northern Territory Planning Scheme section on Palmerston (SP8).

Open Space Overlay (1.7 mb)

Landscape Guiding Principles 1 (6.5 mb)

Landscape Guiding Principles 2 (5.2 mb)

Housing Design Principles 1 (89.5 kb)

Housing Design Principles 2 (1.4 mb)

Housing Design Principles 3 (231.8 kb)

Housing Design Principles 4 (1.6 mb)

Housing Design Principles 5 (498.0 kb)

Housing Design Principles 6 (246.4 kb)

Housing Design Principles 7 (1.8 mb)

Housing Design Principles 8 (1.5 mb)

Housing Design Principles 9 (246.2 kb)

Housing Design Principles 10 (1.5 mb)

Housing Design Principles 11 (229.2 kb)

Housing Location Principles (1005.8 kb)

Climate Principles (944.6 kb)

Tennant Creek

Tennant Creek Land Use Plan (10.7 mb)

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Last updated: 13 September 2019


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