Driver licence and vehicle concessions

Members of the Northern Territory (NT) Concession Scheme can receive a concession at MVR on their NT driver licence or motor vehicle registration.

You can get free renewal on your driver licence and up to $154 per annum for vehicle registration ($77 for six months). The annual concession date is the anniversary of the last concession received.

The NT driver licence concession covers the cost of the driver licence renewal.

The motor vehicle registration concession is $154 per 12-month period, based on your concession anniversary.

You can use the concession when registering one of the following vehicles:

  • non-commercial motor vehicle
  • motorcycle
  • motorised wheelchair
  • motorised trike.

What's not covered

The concession is not available for registering either of the following:

  • vehicles registered in a company name
  • caravans
  • trailers.

To receive the concession, you must provide your membership number to a Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) office when renewing either your:

  • vehicle registration
  • NT driver licence.

The MVR office will recognise your membership number to apply the concession.

Read more about concession cards you can use at MVR.

If you are over the age of 60, you can also receive a further discount on your motor vehicle registration through the Senior's Discount Card. This card is issued by the Council on the Ageing NT (COTA NT).

You must register your card with MVR.

Last updated: 22 July 2021

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