Concessions and payments

Eligible NT residents can get concessions on essential goods and services to help with living expenses.

Eligible NT seniors aged 65 or over can get $500 to spend on travel, utilities and other services.

Manage your prepaid card

Activate your card

Your card must be activated before you can use it. A verification code will be sent to your:

  • mobile phone
  • email address
  • telephone
Activate card

Check your balance

Your balance and transaction history is connected to your prepaid card.

You will require your card and PIN number to check your balance.

Check your balance online

Check your PIN

A unique PIN is assigned to your prepaid card.

You can check your PIN if you forget it.

You should not share your PIN with anyone.

Check your PIN online

Lost or stolen cards

If your prepaid card has been lost or stolen, contact 1800 777 704 (24 hours, 7 days) to talk to a customer service officer to request a replacement.

Get in touch

If you would like help or to talk to someone in person, we have customer service centres in several locations.

Find a service centre