Council rates and garbage concessions

Members of the Northern Territory (NT) Concession Scheme can receive a concession on local council rates and garbage services.

You can get $200 per annum for council rates* and $150 per annum for garbage (*varies between regions).

Only one member per household can access concessions.

You can receive a concession on rates if you are a member who is registered as either the:

  • title holder
  • person responsible for rates and property costs.

The property must be your primary place of residence.

What’s not included

You can’t get concessions for:

  • more than one property per ‘rating year’
  • rate notices issued under a lease
  • rate notices issued in a business or company name.

How much

You can receive 62.5% of the annual property rate charges.

You can only get a maximum concession of $200 for each household per year.

You can receive a concession if you are a member who is:

  • registered as the titleholder of the property you live in
  • responsible for garbage costs through either a:
    • local council
    • body corporate/ strata title arrangement.

What’s not covered

You can't claim a concession if you are a member who lives outside:

  • a town
  • a city
  • shire areas.

You can't claim the concession if you have a private arrangement for garbage collection.

How much

You can get the following concessions amounts:

LocationConcession amount
Alice Springs$52
Tennant Creek$45
Central Desert$75
Pine Creek$67
Timber Creek$85.68
West Arnhem$120

You will get the first concessions reimbursed by direct deposit into your nominated bank account.

You must submit:

  • invoices
  • proof of payment.

The NT Concession and Recognition Unit will advise the council who will automatically apply future concessions.

Claims for concessions must be made within:

  • six months of you incurring the cost or
  • the financial year - whichever is greater.

If you are a member who purchased a property or who has joined outside the financial year, you can apply for rates and garbage concessions.

You can get a concession on a pro-rata basis.

Last updated: 15 June 2020

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