Building control areas

Requirements in building control areas

This page has information for property owners about working in building control areas of the Northern Territory (NT).

Properties may also be outside of a building control area.

Check if you are in a building control area

To check if your land is in a building control area, go to the Building Control Areas system.

The two-tier system

Building control areas in the NT are divided into two tiers, with maps showing control boundaries for areas in each tier below.

Tier 1

Tier 2

The two-tier system removes some requirements in remote NT areas, minimising the time and cost of building or renovating.

Fewer permits and paperwork are needed for building work in Tier 2 areas - outside of the Darwin, Lake Bennett and Alice Springs regions.

Certification requirements in a Tier 1 area

Full certification requirements, including requirements to get occupancy certification at the end of the construction process, apply for all building work.

Read more about certification requirements including engaging a building certifier, construction, inspections and occupancy on building and renovating: permits and processes.

Certification requirements in a Tier 2 area

In Tier 2 building control areas the National Construction Code and technical requirements apply to all building work.

You must engage an NT registered building certifier if you need a building permit. You must still meet legal requirements for building contracts, registered building contractors and fidelity fund insurance for your work.

Full certification requirements apply to most building works.

Part certification only applies to some prescribed residential building work.

Part certification

Part certification applies to the following buildings in Tier 2 areas:

  • class 1a buildings such as a single dwelling or detached house, but it does not apply to class 1a(ii) buildings such as attached townhouses or duplexes which need full certification
  • class 10 buildings such as a garage, carport or shed, attached to and built at the same time as a class 1a building
  • retaining walls - whenever built - unattached to a class 1a or class 2 building but on which the integrity of such a building depends.

For part certification, you must still get a building permit before starting construction.

During construction, your building certifier does not need to conduct inspections.

At completion of work, your building certifier does not need to issue an occupancy permit but your builder does still need to give you a builder's declaration.

Talk to your building certifier to find out if you need any prescribed certification documents for plumbing, glazing, electrical, termite treatment, prefabricated roof trusses, wet area sealing products, prefabricated window and door frames, and fire safety products or installations.

If a builder’s declaration is not available

If you are not able to obtain a builder’s declaration for prescribed residential building work in a Tier 2 area you must contact your building certifier to find out how you can get approval to occupy the building.

Extra assessments or documentation will be required for a certificate of substantial compliance or certificate of existence to be granted for the work.

An occupancy permit is not available for prescribed residential building work in a Tier 2 building control area.

Read more about the building certification process and engaging a building certifier.

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Last updated: 03 September 2020

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