Building and renovating: permits and processes

Engaging a registered building certifier

This page has information about the role of a registered building certifier and how to find one.

In the Northern Territory (NT) building certification services are carried out by private, registered building certifiers. 

Building certifiers charge fees for their services.

What a registered building certifier does

Building certifiers assess building applications, issue building permits, undertake site inspections and issue occupancy certification on satisfactory completion of building works.

A building certifier is not a site supervisor. Their inspections and assessments do not replace day-to-day site supervision of building work.

When you need a registered building certifier

You must engage an NT registered building certifier for any work that needs a building permit. Read more about work that requires permits.

Find a registered building certifier

There are two categories of building certifier registration in the NT:

Building certifier (unrestricted)

This certifier can certify buildings of all classes.

Building certifier (residential)

This certifier is limited to certifying class 1 buildings such as houses, duplexes and townhouses, and class 10 buildings or structures such as garages, carports, sheds, fences or retaining walls.

Go to the Building Practitioners Board website to search for building certifiers registered in the NT.

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Last updated: 10 October 2017

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