Rules about your card

Always check with the business first to see if the prepaid card is accepted.

Most businesses will display a sticker to show they accept the prepaid card.

Territory Families, Housing and Communities is not responsible for transactions of members where:

  • acceptance of the prepaid card is not available
  • transactions are not for the purpose of the program
  • travel is cancelled by the traveller or the travel provider
  • transactions are processed in breach of the card terms and conditions of use
  • merchants are processing in a way that bypasses or attempts to bypass the authorisation process
  • transactions exceed the value available on the prepaid card.

Fees and charges

You won’t be charged for approved transactions.

Each declined transaction will incur a $0.55 declined transaction fee deducted from your card balance.

You won’t be charged for the issuing of your first prepaid card. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged you will incur a card reissue fee.

You won't be charged any fees for using your prepaid card for purchases in Australian dollars. A foreign exchange conversion fee applies to transactions in other currencies.

Businesses must tell cardholders if they add on fees and surcharges before completing a transaction.

Check with the business to make sure you know the full amount you have to pay.

Terms and conditions

EML Payments Limited is responsible for producing and distributing the prepaid card.

All cards are issued with a copy of the EML terms and conditions of use.

If you breach the terms and conditions, you may have to pay money back.

The terms and conditions may be amended at any time.

Read the terms and conditions PDF (126.2 KB).


Any refunds on goods or services you pay for with the prepaid card are subject to the policy of the business.

If a refund is provided, the business will issue the refund back onto the card.

Dispute a card payment

You can dispute a prepaid card payment through EML, the card provider.

Common types of problems include:

  • fraudulent transactions
  • unrecognised transactions
  • unauthorised transactions
  • duplicate processing
  • reoccurring transactions.

To dispute a transaction, you must fill in a prepaid card disputed transaction form PDF (199.2 KB).

Last updated: 30 June 2021

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