Restricted merchant categories

The NT Seniors Recognition Scheme prepaid card looks and operates like a regular Visa card.

It can be used at most businesses that accept Visa or EFTPOS. The card is also accepted online. It is not an ATM card and won’t release your payment for cash or credit.

All business EFTPOS machines are registered under a merchant category code that describes the type of services being provided by the business.

The prepaid card works by restricting use of the card to businesses registered under relevant merchant category codes. Some businesses are restricted from accepting the card.

Businesses that mainly sell restricted goods are automatically blocked. Any attempted transaction with the prepaid card will be declined and result in a $0.55 transaction fee.

The table below lists the restricted merchant category codes.

Merchant categoryRestricted merchant description
4829Wires, money orders
5813Drinking places
5921Packaging stores beer, wine and liquor
5960Direct marketing - insurance services
5962Direct marketing - travel
5963Door-to-door sales
5964Direct marketing - catalogue merchant
5965Direct marketing - combination catalogue and retail merchant
5966Direct marketing - outbound telemarketing
5967Direct marketing - inbound telemarketing
5968Direct marketing  - subscription
5969Direct marketing - other
6010Financial institutions - manual cash disbursements
6011Financial institutions - automated cash disbursements
6012Financial institutions - merchandise and services
6051Non-financial institutions - foreign currency, money orders (not wire transfer) and travellers cheques
6211Security brokers/dealers
6529Remote stored value load - member financial institution
6530Merchant-remote stored value load
6532Payment service provider - merchant financial institution
6533Payment service provider - merchant-payment transaction
6534Money transfer - member financial institution
6525Value purchase - member financial institution
7273Dating/escort services
7995Betting (including lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, off-track
8651Political organisations
9223Bail and bond payments
9405US federal government agencies or departments
9950Intra-company purchases

Last updated: 15 July 2021

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