Approved business code of practice

All businesses providing services for the Northern Territory (NT) Seniors Recognition Scheme must follow the approved business code of practice.

The code helps protect scheme members when they buy products and services.

As an approved vendor, you must provide a fair and professional service.

Read below to find out how to comply with the code.

You must:

  • be ethical, fair and professional
  • not do or fail to do anything which would bring into disrepute:
    • the schemes
    • Territory Families
  • be courteous and culturally sensitive towards members
  • keep private or sensitive information confidential
    • unless the member has agreed for it to be disclosed
  • ensure that all staff dealing with members:
    • are trained to provide the products and services
    • understand the schemes, including eligibility requirements
  • not mislead or deceive members about the schemes, products or services
  • follow all anti-discrimination, anti-corruption, anti-bribery and anti-money laundering laws
  • not engage in any fraud or corruption
  • provide full disclosure to Territory Families and members of any service fees
    • including information about the additional service being purchased by the member.

You must:

  • inform members of all available products and service options
    • including the option which represents best value for money
  • offer to members any discounts which the vendor would offer to another member of the public
  • not discourage members from approaching other approved vendors to:
    • compare prices or
    • products or services.

You must ensure that:

  • all products offered to members are:
    • of acceptable quality
    • fit-for-purpose
    • accurately described
    • provided within a reasonable time
    • satisfy any express warranty provided by the vendor
  • all services given to members are:
    • provided with due care and skill
    • fit-for-purpose
    • provided within a reasonable time.

Businesses must engage in any audit or reporting processes if requested by Territory Families.

This is in addition to any processes specified in the scheme terms and conditions.

Last updated: 14 July 2020

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