Vehicle information bulletins and forms

The following are vehicle information bulletins and forms for use in the Northern Territory.

These vehicle bulletins are developed to assist in clarifying rules and standards.

V10 NT livestock loading scheme PDF (884.5 KB)
V13 Vehicle dimensional limits (including load) PDF (404.9 KB)
V14 Additional lighting: driving, fog  and search lights PDF (300.6 KB)
V15 High output light source lamps PDF (578.6 KB)
V20 Protruding vehicle accessories and equipment PDF (89.5 KB)
V24 Vehicle number plates PDF (447.1 KB)
V25 Child restraints PDF (496.5 KB)
V31 Repair or welding of vehicle components PDF (607.7 KB)
V32(lv) Light vehicle modifications PDF (921.7 KB) 
V32(lv)(a) Light vehicle gross vehicle mass (GVM) PDF (680.8 KB)
V32(hv) Heavy vehicle modifications PDF (923.8 KB)
V33 Innovative vehicle combinations  PDF (1.3 MB)
V48 Imported vehicles PDF (695.0 KB)
V50 Bicycle carrying racks and other rear-mounted carrying devices PDF (478.9 KB)
V51 Vehicle window tinting PDF (578.7 KB)
V54 NT written-off vehicle register (WOVR) PDF (153.1 KB)
V55 Driver training vehicles: dual control  PDF (568.1 KB)
V56 Motorised foot scooters and power assisted cycles PDF (155.4 KB)
V61 Speed trials and races  PDF (1007.9 KB)
V62 Parades and processions  PDF (547.7 KB)
V64 Load restraint PDF (362.7 KB)
V65 Northern Territory requirements for a-frame towing of vehicles  PDF (519.9 KB)
V74 Re-registration of a repairable write-off PDF (439.4 KB)
V75 Heavy vehicle steer axle mass PDF (1.3 MB) 
V76 Aeroplane glider trailers - exemption from rear overhang requirements PDF (629.1 KB)
V77 General exemption for towed Implement - road transformer  PDF (696.1 KB)
V78 Warning signs and lights for buses carrying children  PDF (1018.0 KB)
V79 Northern Territory engineering signatory scheme  PDF (1.0 MB)
V80 Light bus seating reduction and in-service vehicle category change (MD2 to MD1) PDF (582.1 KB)
V83 Northern Territory recognised engineering signatories PDF (600.5 KB)
V85 Use of segways in the NT PDF (734.6 KB)
V86 Vehicle standard requirements for ex-Australian defence force Landrover vehicles PDF (683.6 KB)
V87 Rear visibility markings on vehicles PDF (715.9 KB)
V88Road train - Tow coupling height and coupling pivot positioning exemption  PDF (956.4 KB)
Road train - Tow coupling height and coupling pivot positioning exemption   DOCX (151.6 KB)


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Last updated: 15 July 2022

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