Aquatic pests: marine and freshwater

Report aquatic pests

It is important that you report aquatic pests or noxious fish as early as possible to give authorities the best possible chance of eradicating them.

You should look out for any of the following when on or near the water:

  • unusual aquatic life
  • unnaturally high numbers of aquatic life
  • unusual or unrecognisable marine and freshwater fish or plants.

What to do if you find an aquatic pest

You should do all of the following if you find an aquatic pest: 

  • take a photo of the suspected pest
  • note its location
  • collect a sample of the suspected pest if possible - store it in a freezer.

How to report aquatic pests

You can report your sighting to any of the following:

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Last updated: 18 March 2016

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