Report marine pollution

All boat and ship operators must immediately report marine pollution in Northern Territory (NT) waters to the authorities.

This includes:

  • fuel, sludge or oil refuse, spills or leaks
  • noxious liquid or substances including chemicals, paint and fertiliser
  • harmful substances in packaging including rubbish.

You may also be asked to submit a harmful substances report.


Read the Marine Pollution Regulations 2003.

Reporting authorities

You can report marine pollution through any of the following options:

By radio

You can report pollution by contacting the nearest port authority on VHF radio.

By phone, fax or email

You can also report it by phone, fax or email to your nearest authority below.

All NT regions

Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Phone: 1800 641 792

Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security
Phone: 1800 064 567


Marine Safety Branch
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Mobile: 0408 813 735
Phone: 08 8924 7100
Fax: 08 8924 7009

Regional Harbourmaster
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Phone: 08 8999 3867

NT Police
Phone: 131 444 or 000

Gove Harbour

Phone: 08 8987 5420
Fax: 08 8987 8041

Groote Eylandt

Port superintendent, Groote Eylandt Mining Company
Phone: 0407 582 026 or 0419 802 895 after hours
Fax: 08 8987 4499

Bing Bong

Port superintendent, McArthur River Mining Company or
Phone: 08 8975 9673

Port Melville

Shipping Operations
Health safety and environment adviser
Mobile: 0488 200 131

Director bulk fuels
Mobile: 0408 000 172

Project manager infrastructure
Mobile: 0488 240 052

How to submit a harmful substances report

When you report marine pollution to the nearest authority, you may be requested within 24 hours to also submit one of the following reports:

In your report, you must provide information to every detail listed.

Last updated: 04 March 2021

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