Notice to mariners

A Notice to Mariners (NtM) reports mariner safety matters on Northern Territory (NT) waters.

These matters include:

  • new hydrographic information
  • changes in channel depths
  • aids to navigation.

They're shared to mariners (recreational and commercial) and maritime-related organisations.

Marine operators are also required by law to report navigational hazards or dangers.

Types of notices

A notice can appear as a:

  • permanent notice - changes to information which result in a chart correction released by the Australian Hydrographic Service
  • preliminary notice (P) - a pre-emptive notification of a permanent change
  • temporary notice (T) - information valid only for a limited time.

Find notices below. They may also be published in local and state-wide print media and reproduced in the Australian Notices.

Port of Darwin local notices

NtM number and name Date published Notice type
NtM 2021-034 Testing of Unmanned Surface Vessel PDF (686.4 KB) 16 Apr 2021 Temporary
NtM 2021 033 Local Notice to Mariners Diving Operations PDF (417.8 KB) 16 Apr 2021 Temporary
NtM 2021-029- Buoy Moorings Permanently Established PDF (421.5 KB) 24 Mar 2021 Permanent
2021-002 Declared port depths PDF (534.1 KB) 18 Jan 2021 Temporary
2020-069 Additional information regarding NtM2020-063 PDF (551.6 KB) 23 Oct 2020 Temporary
2020-063 HMAS Coonawarra redevelopment program closed eaters until 30 June 2023 PDF (983.4 KB) 06 Oct 2020 Preliminary
2019-021 Scientific instrument buoys PDF (632.0 KB) 27 Mar 2019 Temporary

NT coastal notices - whole of NT waters

NtM number and name Date published Notice type
2020-001 Ghost net reported sighting PDF (371.9 KB) 02 Jun 2020 Temporary
2019-006 Buffalo Creek Beacons PDF (554.7 KB) 20 Jun 2019 Permanent
2019-002 Medina Inlet ATONs PDF (553.2 KB) 27 Mar 2019 Permanent
2018-003 Dundee FAD deployment PDF (506.6 KB) 07 Sep 2018 Temporary


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Last updated: 04 March 2021

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