Notice to mariners

A Notice to Mariners (NtM) reports mariner safety matters on Northern Territory (NT) waters.

These matters include:

  • new hydrographic information
  • changes in channel depths
  • aids to navigation.

They're shared to mariners (recreational and commercial) and maritime-related organisations.

Marine operators are also required by law to report navigational hazards or dangers.

Types of notices

A notice can appear as a:

  • permanent notice - changes to information which result in a chart correction released by the Australian Hydrographic Service
  • preliminary notice (P) - a pre-emptive notification of a permanent change
  • temporary notice (T) - information valid only for a limited time.

Find notices below. They may also be published in local and state-wide print media and reproduced in the Australian Notices.

Port of Darwin local notices

NtM number and name Date published Notice type
Local Notice 2022 - 052 Cancellation of NtM 2022 - 051 PDF (414.0 KB) 27 Sep 2022 Temporary
Local NtM 2022 - -44 No4 Buoy Damaged PDF (470.5 KB) 29 Aug 2022 Temporary
Local NtM 2022-016 B03 beacon temporary light fitted PDF (647.7 KB) 29 Mar 2022 Temporary
Local NtM 2022-012 Declared port depths (corrected) PDF (536.2 KB) 14 Mar 2022 Permanent
NtM 2022-0002-BO7 Beacon light reinstated PDF (443.3 KB) 15 Jan 2022 Temporary
2020-069 Additional information regarding NtM2020-063 PDF (551.6 KB) 23 Oct 2020 Temporary
2020-063 HMAS Coonawarra redevelopment program closed waters until 30 June 2023 PDF (983.4 KB) 06 Oct 2020 Preliminary
2019-021 Scientific instrument buoys PDF (632.0 KB) 27 Mar 2019 Temporary

NT coastal notices - whole of NT waters


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Last updated: 20 September 2021

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