Hull pest inspections for visiting boats

Boats that have travelled through international waters and from some interstate locations may need to be inspected and treated for marine pests before they can enter a marina in Darwin.

International boats

You must contact the Aquatic Biosecurity Unit well before you arrive to find out if your boat needs an inspection and treatment and to arrange a time.

You must not stop along the coastline in the Northern Territory and clean your hull. It could contain marine pests.

Interstate boats

You must contact the Aquatic Biosecurity Unit before you arrive to find out if your boat needs an inspection and treatment and to arrange a time. 

If you have been told by Aquatic Biosecurity that your boat does not require an inspection, you will have to provide a statutory declaration to the marina office or lockmaster saying you are clear before they will let you in. 

The lockmaster or marina office will give you the statutory declaration form to fill in when you arrive at the lock.  

You must fill it in and sign it before you enter the marina.

About the inspection and treatment

The inspection and treatment is a free service provided by the Northern Territory Government.

Questions you will be asked

Aquatic biosecurity staff will ask you all of the following:

  • where your boat has travelled
  • the age of your anti-fouling paint
  • when your boat was last cleaned
  • when and for how long your boat was last on the hardstand in Australia.

If you need an inspection and treatment

The boat owner, skipper or a crew member must be on board during the inspection and treatment process.

If the Aquatic Biosecurity Unit decides your boat needs an inspection and treatment for marine pests it will:

  • use trained divers to inspect your hull
  • and disinfect all seawater pipes such as inlets, outlets and pumps.

Where it will be done

Inspections are usually done alongside the Cullen Bay pontoon outside the lock gates. 

In some cases it can be done at anchor at the Fannie Bay public anchorage.

When it can be done

Inspections can be done: 

  • Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm - except public holidays
  • Saturdays from May to December 8am to 4pm - except public holidays.

How long it will take

The inspection and treatment will take about an hour.

If your boat systems are treated with disinfectant, the treatment has to stay in the pipes for 10 hours.

You must not use those systems while they are being treated. 

The boat has to stay at the pontoon or at the anchorage for the 10 hours. 

After inspection and treatment

At the end of the inspection and treatment, the divers will give you a clearance certificate that will allow you into a Darwin marina.

Last updated: 31 March 2016

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