Nitmiluk National Park

Located on the lands of the Jawoyn people, rock art sites dot the park. Visit Nitmiluk Gorge or Leliyn (Edith Falls) or trek the Jatbula Trail.

Nitmiluk National Park is located in the Katherine region, approximately 320km south of Darwin.

There are 2 main sections to the park:

It's a 90km drive between the 2 sections.

Visit the Nitmiluk Centre to get information on walks, canoe hire, boat tours, camping and more.

Entrance to the Gorge sector of the park is 30km northeast of Katherine via a sealed road.

Leliyn (Edith Falls) is a popular swimming hole and campground for visitors and locals, located 60km north of Katherine via sealed road, accessed via the Stuart Highway.

This diverse and spectacular landscape of Nitmiluk is where Jawoyn people live, work and continue to share their culture with the community and visitors.

Get the Nitmiluk National Park fact sheet and map PDF (983.5 KB).

Check if the park is open

Parks may close unexpectedly due to bushfires, flooding or park maintenance.

Before you go, check if the park is open.

Prepare and stay safe

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Places to go

Leliyn (Edith Falls)

Leliyn (Edith Falls)

Take a swim in the paperbark and pandanus fringed natural pool

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Nitmiluk Gorge

Nitmiluk Gorge

Cruise or walk the gorge famous for its towering sandstone cliffs and rock art sites

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Things to see and do

Swimming and walks

Check out where you can swim and walk in Nitmiluk National Park

Camping and accommodation

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Canoes, boats, bike trails and fishing

There are rules if you want to canoe, bring your boat or fish in Nitmiluk Gorge

Other park activities

How to get there

The Gorge entrance to the park is 30km east of Katherine on the sealed Gorge Road. Follow the signs.

The turnoff to Leliyn (Edith Falls) is 40km north of Katherine along the Stuart Highway. The park entry is 20km further along Edith Falls Road.