Flying drones in parks

This page has information on the rules for flying drones in Northern Territory (NT) parks and reserves.

You need a permit to fly a drone in an NT park or reserve and must fly only at approved parks.

For more information about where you can fly your drone with a permit, go to the Flying Your Drone Information Sheet PDF (1023.0 KB). For application forms go to permits to use aircraft and drones in parks.

Rules for drones

With a permit, you can fly your drone in areas generally open to the public at approved parks, provided you follow these rules:

  • fly your drone in a way that does not annoy or create a hazard to park visitors, disturb wildlife or interfere with park management operations
  • fly your drone according to Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations - make sure you know and follow CASA’s drone flying rules for recreational drones
  • only fly your drone in your line-of-sight during daylight hours and don't let the drone get too far away from you
  • fly your drone to avoid crowded areas, including waterholes, campgrounds and picnic areas - do not fly within 200m or over these sites while they are in use,
  • avoid flying near staff houses, offices or workshops - do not fly within 200m or over these sites
  • elsewhere, fly more than 30m away from people, animals, vehicles, boats or buildings
  • fly no higher than 120m (400 feet) above ground level
  • fly in a way that does not create a hazard to other aircraft - keep at least 5.5km (3 nautical miles) away from an airport, airfield or helicopter landing site. This restriction affects many parks and reserves
  • seek consent before recording or photographing people and let them know if you wish to film from your drone - ask if they mind or wait until they go
  • you must not fly over or near an area during emergency operations - this includes accidents, bushfires, flood emergencies, police operations and search and rescue activities
  • if you wish to fly your drone for any commercial purpose or financial gain, you need a Commerce and trade permit and must notify CASA. This includes film and photography
  • you must stop flying your drone if Parks and Wildlife staff ask you to.

If you fail to stop flying your drone when asked to, you may be issued with a fine.

For more information contact the Parks and Wildlife Permits and Concessions Office.

Last updated: 01 March 2021

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