Permits for commercial photos, filming in parks


You must have a permit it you want to do most kinds of commercial photography, filming, or sound recording in parks and reserves in the Northern Territory (NT).

Commercial means for money, or to promote a product or business.

Some parks are jointly managed by Parks and Wildlife NT and Aboriginal Traditional Owners.

The permit you need can depend on whether the park you want to photograph is jointly managed, or how you obtain the images, such as from an aircraft.

When you don't need a permit

You don't need a permit to take photos or film for your hobby or personal interest.

You don't need a permit if your images or recordings are for tourism promotion that is sponsored by Tourism NT and you are accompanied by a current tour operator.

You don't need a permit if your photography or filming:

  • is not for advertising
  • is standard photography
  • has no sets or props
  • has no crew or paid models
  • poses no risk to the public or the park.

News crews in parks

You don't need a permit to take photos or film news and current affairs but you must contact the media liaison officer about your plans. Call 08 8982 2307.

Overseas photographers

If you aren't an Australia citizen, you must show one of the following visas to the Parks and Wildlife Commission Permits and Concessions office before you can get a permit:

  • a temporary residence visa
  • a media and film staff (subclass 423) visa
  • an entertainment (subclass 420) visa.

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Last updated: 09 December 2016

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