Permits for commercial photos, filming in parks

Before you apply for a permit

Before you apply to get a permit to film or take photos you should read the rules and guidelines for safety, comfort and permits in parks and reserves.

You should also read about the rules for flying drones in parks.

You may have to acknowledge the department or its partners in your work.

You may have to pay a security deposit.

How your images are used

When you apply for a permit you must say how and where your images will be used, and you must use them only for that.

It may be a condition of your permit that you have to show your work to the department or its partners so they can decide if it is proper and accurate.

Permit conditions

You may be able to change the conditions of your permit.

You may be able to get and pay for a permit for work that you have already done.

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Last updated: 18 April 2016

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