Permits for activities in parks and reserves

Before you plan any activity in a park or reserve, you must check if you need a permit for it.

Before you get a permit

Before you apply for a permit, you must know all of the following:

  • It can take more than 5 days to get a permit - so plan ahead.
  • You will receive a permit only when Parks and Wildlife receives your payment.
  • Getting a permit for a park jointly managed by traditional owners can sometimes take longer.
  • The government can deny your permit or give you a permit with conditions.
  • If you want to do something in a park or reserve that is not a normal recreational activity, you must find out if you need permit by contacting the concessions and permits office of the Parks and Wildlife Commission.

When you get your permit, you must follow all of the below:

  • Only use it during the times written on the permit.
  • When you enter the park, you must stick to the plan you made in your permit. You must also make sure everyone in your group understands the permit conditions.

Types of permits

Display your permit

Your permit should be clearly visible on the dashboard of your vehicle. You can also carry your permit with you.

Only one permit sticker is allowed on each vehicle.

If authorities ask to see your permit, you must show it to them.

What your permit does not allow

You must not use any road that is closed or blocked by fences, gates or signs, unless it is allowed by a permit.

Permits do not:

  • allow you to enter Aboriginal homes, outstations, or any site that is significant to Aboriginal people - you must be invited to enter those areas
  • give you the right to be the only person using an area.

Cancellation of permits

Permits may be cancelled at any time due to:

  • wet weather
  • ceremonies by traditional owners
  • you or anyone in your group breaking any of the rules.

If your permit is cancelled because you broke rules, you normally won't get a refund.


If you have any questions about park permits, contact Parks and Wildlife Commission.

Last updated: 16 February 2022

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