Swimming and walks in Nitmiluk National Park

Check out where you can swim and walk in Nitmiluk National Park

There are several sites in Nitmiluk National Park that open seasonally for swimming.

This is typically during the Top End dry season, which occurs between May and October. However, many of these sites are not easily accessed.

Where you can swim

The best location to enjoy a relaxing swim without working up too much of a sweat to get there is Leliyn (Edith Falls).

Other swimming locations that can be accessed in a day trip are listed below.

These locations can close due to water levels. Before you go, check what is open.

Northern Rockhole

Half day walk near Nitmiluk Gorge. You will need to book a short ferry ride to cross the Katherine River.

Southern Rockhole

It's part of the southern walks along the Waindolf walk to Pat's Lookout in Nitmiluk Gorge.

Approximately a 5km walk one way from the visitor centre. Or you can take the ferry from the visitor centre.

Book the ferry on Nitmiluk Tours website.

Water safety

Park rangers monitor the safety of swimming holes.

You must swim in designated areas.

Conditions change rapidly with flash flooding and electrical storms.

If it doesn’t feel safe, don’t swim. Exercise caution and swim to the conditions you feel comfortable with.

Depth and currents can be overwhelming to novice and young swimmers.

Children should always be supervised.

No glass within 10m of waterways. This includes glass bottles, jars and cups.

Where you can bushwalk

Find out where and how you can walk in Nitmiluk National Park.

Last updated: 23 February 2022

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