Canoes, boats, bike trails and fishing in Nitmiluk National Park

There are rules if you want to canoe, bring your boat or fish in Nitmiluk Gorge

There are a variety of activities you can do at Nitmiluk National Park.

Canoeing in Nitmiluk Gorge

Canoes can be hired by the half day, full day or overnight through the Nitmiluk Tours website or reservations desk at the Visitor Centre.

No canoeing in the first gorge.

Private canoes can be used but cannot be transported on Nitmiluk Tours boats.

You will have to walk your own canoe to the second gorge. Find out more about Southern Walks in Nitmiluk National Park.

Learn more about canoeing the gorges in the Nitmiluk National Park canoeing guide PDF (1.6 MB).

Mountain bike riding

The Nitmiluk mountain bike (MTB) trails provide options for riders of all ages and abilities.

MTB trails in the park are part of the walking trail network and are shared-use for walkers and riders.

Respect other users by alerting them with a friendly greeting as you approach.

Generally cyclists give way to walkers.

Choose trails that match your fitness and ability. Be prepared, be safe and have fun.

Find out more about Nitmiluk MTB trails and get the Nitmiluk MTB trails map PDF (3.9 MB).


Private boats are only allowed in the first gorge.

Your boat must be less than 4 metres long with a maximum of 15 horse power.

You can't go faster than 7 nautical miles per hour.

Private boats are not permitted between 1 June to 31 August or when the river is closed due to wet season flooding.


Lure fishing is allowed in the Katherine River. You don't need a permit.

Using bait, traps, nets and spears is prohibited.

Read more about fishing and boating in Northern Territory Parks PDF (1.6 MB).

Check size and possession limits of fish.

Last updated: 29 July 2022

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