Buy Local Plan

The Northern Territory (NT) Government spends approximately $3 billion on infrastructure, goods and services annually.

The Buy Local Plan gives local businesses greater opportunity to tender for and win government work.

It ensures the largest proportion possible of every dollar spent by government stays in the Territory. This delivers benefits to the economy and community.

The plan will improve the way local benefits are identified, valuated and realised at all stages of the procurement and contracting lifecycle.

To find out more read the plan.

The buy local industry advocate monitors and reports on government activities against these actions.

Buy local industry advocate

A buy local industry advocate is an independent link between local business and the NT Government.

The advocate will ensure that:

  • Territory local businesses have full, fair and reasonable opportunities to compete for government contracts
  • Value for Territory is considered in all aspects of government contracting
  • promotes buy local principles by industry.

What they do

Their role is to:

  • focus on promoting the buy local principles to both industry and government
  • provide information and help to local businesses to strengthen their capability when tendering.

They also represent the interests of local business and industry as a member of the Procurement Review Board and subcommittee.

Through the buy local subcommittee the advocate also:

  • oversees government and industry compliance with the Buy Local Plan
  • tracks the effectiveness of the plan, including monitoring for unintended consequences
  • conducts internal and external audits to measure government's use of the plan
  • prepares reports for public release on compliance with the plan.

Read the yearly report on Buy Local Plan compliance.


If you have any questions for the buy local advocate, you can complete the online form.

You can also contact any of the below:

Denys Stedman
Buy Local Industry Advocate
Phone: 08 8999 7799

Executive Officer
Buy Local Industry Advocate Office
Phone: 08 8999 6319

Last updated: 16 December 2021

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