Agencies and entities covered by the procurement framework

The following is a list of government agencies and other entities that must comply with the Procurement Act 1995 through adherence to the Northern Territory (NT) Government procurement framework.

This information is based on legislation and the Administrative Arrangements Order from 29 January 2021.

Government agencies

The following NT Government agencies must comply with the Act:

  • Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority
  • Attorney-General and Justice (Department of)
  • Auditor-General’s Office
  • Chief Minister and Cabinet (Department of)
  • Corporate and Digital Development (Department of)
  • Education (Department of)
  • Environment, Parks and Water Security (Department of)
  • Health (Department of)
  • Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) (Office of the)
  • Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (Department of)
  • Land Development Corporation
  • Legislative Assembly (Department of the)
  • Northern Territory Electoral Commission
  • Northern Territory Emergency Service
  • Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service
  • Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services
  • Northern Territory Treasury Corporation
  • NT Home Ownership (Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities)
  • Ombudsman's Office
  • Police Civil Employment Unit
  • Territory Families, Housing and Communities
  • Industry, Tourism and Trade (Department of)
  • Treasury and Finance (Department of)

Other entities

Other entities that must comply with Procurement Act include:

  • Aboriginal Land Advisory Group
  • boards including:
    • Procurement Review Board
    • Strehlow Research Centre Board
    • Pastoral Land Board
    • Building Practitioners Board
    • Djukbinj Board
    • Building Appeals Board
    • Parole Board
    • Valuation Board of Review
    • Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Board
    • Legal Practitioners Admission Board of the Northern Territory
    • Public Trustee Investment Board
    • ICT Governance Board
  • Bushfires Council
  • Central Australian Health Service (CAHS)
  • Children’s Commissioner
  • Coastal and Marine Management Partnership Group
  • committees including:
    • water advisory committees
    • bushfires committees
    • weed advisory committees
    • Building Advisory Committee
    • Barranyi (North Island) National Park Local Management Committee
    • Djukbinj National Park Local Management Committee
    • Tnorala Local Management Committee
    • Augmented Redistribution Committee
    • Local Government Disciplinary Committee
    • Swimming Pool Fencing Review Committee
    • Child Deaths Review and Prevention Committee
    • Crimes Victims Advisory Committee
    • Health and Community Services Complaints Review Committee
    • Mining Advisory Committee
    • Workers’ Compensation Scheme Monitoring Committee
    • Youth Justice Advisory Committee
    • Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
    • Community Benefit Committee
    • regional economic development committees
    • Scheme Monitoring Committee
  • Data Centre Services
  • Development Consent Authority
  • Health and Community Services Complaints Commission
  • Heritage Council
  • Minister for Ports Management Act 2015 (engaging pilotage service providers)
  • NT Fleet
  • NT Institute of Sport
  • panels including:
    • Water Resources Review Panel
    • Valuation Board of Review Panel
  • Planning Commission
  • Public Guardian
  • Territory Wildlife Park
  • Top End Health Service (TEHS)
  • tribunals including:
    • Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    • Racing Appeals Tribunal
    • Firearms Appeal Tribunal
    • Community Living Areas Tribunal
    • Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal
    • Remuneration Tribunal
    • Health Professional Review Tribunal
    • Mental Health Review Tribunal
    • Correctional Officers Arbitral Tribunal
    • Police Arbitral Tribunal
  • working/advisory groups including:
    • Lhere Mparntwe (Todd River) Working Group
    • Early Childhood Key Stakeholder Advisory Group
    • ICT Advisory Council
    • Ministerial Digital Advisory Council.

Last updated: 27 April 2021

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